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Chapter 11-1 (1)
Seiya: Hm! The weather is nice today too.
Seiya: Even so, yesterday's live was really fun~
Seiya: I got recognized by the principal as an I-Chu, now I just have to get recognized as an idol too!
Seiya: And what's more, they gave me this uniform as reward for making the live a success!
Chapter 11-1 (2)
Seiya: However, how did they look up my sizes? The uniform fits perfectly...
Seiya: ...Well, who cares about such thing!
Seiya: Good! The weather is so good too, so I think I'll practice my singing here!
Seiya: A-- Aaa!
Chapter 11-1 (3)
??? Tsk!
Seiya: Lalala~♪
??? Hey, you over there...
Seiya: Hm? Are you talking to me?
Chapter 11-1 (4)
??? Yeah, I'm talking to you. Don't make me listen to your shitty singing in such a place.
??? It's unpleasant, since it's early in the morning...
Seiya: What did you say?! What did you mean by "shitty singing"?!
Chapter 11-1 (5)
??? That your shitty singing is shitty, do you have any problem with it?
Seiya: My singing is not shitty! I'll sing once more so pay close attention!
Seiya: ~~♪
??? Tsk! It's unacceptable...
Chapter 11-1 (6)
??? There, try to put more strength in your stomach.
Seiya: Huh? To put more strength in the this?
??? Tsk, that's not enough! Come on...try to draw out your stomach more!
Seiya: Guh! What the heck do you want--
??? You shouldn't breathe in from your lungs! You should take your breath from the pit of your stomach.
Seiya: Y...yes. *breathes*
Chapter 11-1 (7)
??? Then, while keeping it like that try to do the vocal training from before.
Seiya: U-understood!
Seiya: *breathes in*...Lalala~♪
Seiya: W-what? It's better than before!
??? It's the level where you improved.
Seiya: Awesome! Who are you?!
??? Huh? I'm no one special.
Seiya: Ooh! That line sounded like something a hero of justice would say!
??? Shut up! Try calling me a hero again!
??? At that moment, I'll act like a villain and knock you out, so be prepared...
Seiya: I don't like to get hurt so I won't say that anymore!
??? got this as a learning experience so don't you dare sing in front of me with that unpleasant singing again!
Chapter 11-1 (8)
Seiya: ...What's up with him?
Seiya: At first I thought I got involved with a scary guy but since he taught me a lot of things, he's probably actually a nice guy!
Seiya: Huh? Now that reminds me, that singing style...I feel like I've been told that by someone...?
Seiya: Oh! This won't do! It's time for school! I have to hurry up!

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