Chapter 11-2 (1)
Seiya: And so, that kind delinquent mister taught me how to consciously sing and breathe from the pit of my stomach.
Seiya: And after that, my voice became better than before!
Seiya: It's like my voice became clearer becoming one with the clouds and flying high in the sky!
Seiya: Do you understand?
Akira: Yes...We understood that you sang your feelings well. However, Seiya...
Seiya: Yes! What is it?
Akira: Didn't we learn that singing technique in class the other day?
Chapter 11-2 (2)
Seiya: Eh?...We did?
Kanata: We did~ The singing teacher called it "abdominal breathing", right?
Seiya: Ah~! "Abdominal breathing!" Now that you remind me, he did say it!
Seiya: "Abdominal breathing"! Good, I won't forget it anymore!
Kanata: You're strange, Seiya. In the live we did the other day, you had a proper abdominal breathing voice and yet...
Akira: There are people that are good on stage, but if he keeps going with instinct, he will learn the technique.
Kanata: That's nice, isn't it. I want to be able to sing carefreely like Seiya too.
Chapter 11-2 (3)
Seiya: Well, Kanata too, your dancing at the live was the best!
Seiya: I wish I could dance like Kanata, full of vitality and having lots of fun.
Akira: You're right. Kanata has a cute appearance too, so when you look at him, it makes you smile.
Chapter 11-2 (4)
Kanata: Ehehe! If you compliment me, I'll get embarrassed~
Seiya: And you too, Akira, you looked really cool and sexy! What should I do to look sexy like that?
Kanata: Ah, I want to know too!
Akira: No, it's not that I danced sexily on purpo--
Seiya: (I'm excited!)
Kanata: (I'm excited!)
Akira: (Uu...If you look at me with those eyes full of expectations, I'll end up thinking that I have to say something...)
Akira: ...That's right. I think you two will learn it when you grow up, you know?
Chapter 11-2 (5)
Seiya: I see~ It would be difficult to learn it if you're not an adult.
Kanata: I wonder, when I become an adult, will I be tall like Akira-kun?
Akira: That's right. Kanata, you're still in your growing period, so you'll surely grow more from now on, right?
Seiya: If Kanata outgrew me, it would be a shock.
Kanata: Ahaha! Then I'll work hard to become bigger and give you a shock~
Seiya: That's cruel, Kanata~!
Akira: Fufu.
Kanata: Ahaha!
Seiya: (I'm glad I got to be in the same group as these two! I want to do a lot of things together with them from now on!)
Seiya: (The next lesson is with the producer right?)
Seiya: (Let's go ask the producer if there are other things we three can do!)
Satsuki: I will never approve of you!!
Chapter 11-2 (6)
F∞F: !?
Kanata: Wh-what's happening? We heard that voice from the hallway, right?
Akira: Yeah. That voice was Satsuki's, wasn't it?
Seiya: Let's go see the situation for now!

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