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Chapter 12-1 (1)
Satsuki: So, what do you plan to do by dancing with me?
Producer: I thought that if you see my dancing, you won't have problems with me being a woman.
Chapter 12-1 (2)
Mutsuki: It became interesting, didn't it~
Kanata: This is not the time to say something like that! Ms.Producer...will she be okay?
Akira: Yes. But I'm a bit interested too.
Akira: We still don't know what kind of person she is deep down, so I want to see her true ability too.
Mutsuki: And since we're aiming together to become top idols, if we don't see her true abilities. we will keep doubting her.
Chapter 12-1 (3)
Seiya: I believe in the producer!
Kanata: Seiya!...Yes! I believe in her too!
Seiya: (The producer believed in me during that live)
Seiya: (I'll believe in her too!)
Chapter 12-1 (4)
Producer: What song will we dance to? It's okay for you to choose it.
Satsuki: Then, let's go with a Techno song...
Producer: Understood. I'll match with the song genre you're good at.
Satsuki: (Ishishi! I have a lot of confidence in myself when it comes to techno music!)
Satsuki: Mutsuki! You have to look at my dancing from near!
Mutsuki: Yes! Good luck Satsuki~!
Producer: Let's go...Music Start!
Chapter 12-1 (5)
Satsuki: Haa....haa...That can't be...
Producer: It's my win, Satsuki-kun.
Satsuki: Shit! Just what are you?!
Producer: "What," you say. I'm just a simple producer.
Producer: I'm a member of this office, and as such, I can't be trusted if I don't have skills myself.
Producer: My abilities are average, but I had a lecturer that teached me singing, dancing, acting and things like these.
Producer: To put it simply, I'm by your side because I got recognized by the president as the most fitting one to be a producer.
Producer: But it's not only that. I myself want to make you guys top idols.
Producer: These feelings aren't a lie...
Producer: That's why I want you to believe in me!
Satsuki: ...Hmph! A defeat is a defeat, so I'll approve of you as a producer!
Producer: !?
Chapter 12-1 (6)
Mutsuki: If Satsuki says so, then I'll approve of you too.
Producer: ....Thank you!
Chapter 12-1 (7)
Akira: I got surprised...Who would've thought the producer was like that.
Kanata: We have a great person following us, don't we...
Seiya: I believed in her from the beginning! Producer, best regards from now on too!
Chapter 12-1 (8)
???: I'm shocked...I didn't think the third generation's level would be so low.
Producer: !? Why are you here?

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