Producer: !? Why are you second generation guys here?
Chapter 12-2 (1)
Issei: Ahh--? Is it a bad thing we came? But more than that, I'm surprised as hell that you're the producer for these guys.
Issei: You've got quite the task if you're gonna be training these third gens into some state of competence...
Issei: This is makin' me laugh way too much...
Producer: Todoroki-kun...! And Akabane-kun and Sanzenin-kun, too?!
Futami: Yoohoo~, Producer-chan♪
Chapter 12-2 (2)
Takamichi: Hmph! Showing off in front of a bunch of third gen twerps isn't helping anybody.
Seiya: Ah--! You're the guy who taught me all about abdominal breathing!
Issei: Shut it, you brat!
Chapter 12-2 (3)
Futami: Hee---h. How rare for Issei to give someone a lesson~
Takamichi: As they say, people can be unpredictable, no?
Issei: If the both of you don't shut up, I'll hit you good!
Futami: Yaa-n! Issei-kun's so scaaary!
Chapter 12-2 (4)
Takamichi: You idiot! Stop it, Futami! Issei's seriously gonna be pissed!
Issei: Tch! So you finally let me talk once you're outta things to say yourself, huh?
Producer: ...You guys know that these boys are different from you in that they've only just become I-chu, right?
Issei: Even if you say that, they're still poor excuses. That stupid kid over there doesn't have any musical foundation whatsoever.
Issei: And the brat with the red stripe in his hair can't dance in sync at all!
Chapter 12-2 (5)
Satsuki: ...Tch!
Mutsuki: Hey, you old man!
Chapter 12-2 (6)
Issei: Ahh?!
Mutsuki: ...I won't forgive you if you hurt Satsuki's feelings more than you already have.
Issei: What'd you say, you shitty little blue-streaked brat?!
Producer: Okay, stop!
Issei and the twins: !?
Producer: Issei-kun, you're the one in the wrong here, bursting in here out of nowhere just to pick a fight!
Producer: You'd get mad if someone badmouthed the others in your group, right?
Chapter 12-2 (7)
Issei: ...Tch!
Producer: And moreover, I'll answer that comment you had before about their competency.
Producer: Even though I want them to have the necessary skills, it's not going to happen right away. They've all just entered this school, you know?
Producer: I'm going to properly fulfill my duties as their producer from here on out.
Chapter 12-2 (8)
Run up to the producer
Thank the producer
Take advantage of the producer

Translation Credit

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