Producer: P-president!
Chapter 12-3 (1)
Satsuki: Geh! The principal appeared again! I have a bad presentiment~
Mutsuki: Same here...I have a bad feeling too.
Chapter 12-3 (2)
Seiya: Oh! It's the bear old man!
Kumakocho: Oof! I'm not an old man! I'm the principal, you know? Or you can call me Mr. Bear♪
Seiya: Eeh. Then I'll just call you principal.
Kumakocho: Hey~ Aren't you treating me like it pleases you a bit too much?
Kumakocho: But anyways~, Seiya-kun, that uniform suits you~★
Seiya: Hehe! Thank you for this present!
Kumakocho: You're welcome~
Chapter 12-3 (3)
Issei: Hey...Don't make trivial talk!
Kumakocho: Oof~ Issei is Mr. Short-temper after all~
Issei: ...Shut it.
Seiya: Hey hey, Issei!
Issei: Oi, who gave you permission to call me by my name?
Seiya What's wrong with calling you by your name! Anyways, since the principal is here, it means he will make us do something funny again, right?
Issei: Huh?
Chapter 12-3 (4)
Takamichi: ...What's up with him. He isn't scared about what the president might say. Is he stupid?
Futami: Heee. But I think being quite a "my-pace" guy isn't bad.
Chapter 12-3 (5)
Akira: Seiya is the same as always...but that's one of Seiya's good points.
Kanata: Hehe! It's as if scary things don't look scary if Seiya is there!
Chapter 12-3 (6)
Seiya: So, principal! What will you tell us?!
Kumakocho: Fu fu fu! If you're excited to that point I have to tell you~♪
Kumakocho: This time, I'll have you guys participate in a recording.
Seiya: Recording? Like, saving our songs on a record?
Seiya: Which means, we will get our CD debut?!
Chapter 12-3 (7)
Satsuki: Really?! Mutsuki, he said CD debut!
Mutsuki: Awesome! I'm really happy! I'll release a CD together with you~!
Chapter 12-3 (8)
Issei: Idiot. There's no way this bear with a bad character would make you release a CD so conveniently, right?
Seiya: Eh? Really?
Chapter 12-3 (9)
Akira: You should doubt people a bit more, okay?
Kumakocho: *angry* It's a cruel thing to call my personality bad~
Kumakocho: Well, I can't say, "You'll pay for it," though...
Chapter 12-3 (10)
Issei: Stop putting on airs and hurry up and say it, Bear!
Kumakocho: I-I understand! So stop making that scary face~ Truth is---
Kumakocho: I'll have the second generation judge the singing of the third generation~!
Kumakocho: And then, if all the groups pass it, you might release the CDs~
Kumakocho: However...if even just one of you fails, every group will bear responsibility and the CDs won't get released, so prepare yourselves~♪
Seiya: Wha-what did you say?!

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