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Chapter 13-1 (1)
Seiya: And that's it. He said that he won't let us release the CDs if we don't all succeed~
Noah: I understand...So that's what happened when we went for that magazine shooting.
Torahiko: That's collective responsibility, it's not really free~
Chapter 13-1 (2)
Satsuki: That said, why do we representatives have to hold the meeting in this room?
Seiya: But Japanese tea rooms are relaxing, right? Ah, Noah! Another cup of tea please!
Torahiko: One for me too!
Chapter 13-1 (3)
Noah: Yes yes
*pours tea*
Chapter 13-1 (4)
Satsuki: You're too relaxed! And you Noah-kun, why are you the one taking care of the tea even though you just transferred from America!
Noah: Since I had to come to Japan, I studied up on Japanese manners.
Satsuki: I still don't understand why you would learn tea ceremony...
Torahiko: There there, Satsuki. Calm down. Being nervous won't help at all, would it?
Satsuki: Torahiko...You surprisingly said something good! That's the talking of the oldest in this group after all!
Torahiko: Isn't it, isn't it~! Nishishi! Well, since I want to go draw something, is it okay for me to leave now?
Noah: Before leaving, won't you tell us what you guys plan to do?
Torahiko: Are you talking about ArS? I'll just let everyone do what they want!
Chapter 13-1 (5)
Noah: ...If you leave it to the individual then, in the case someone decides to not take the test, your CD won't get released you know?
Torahiko: And that's ok! If I forcibly drag them we won't be able to draw a good song!
Torahiko: In our group, Akio has a grumpy mood but he can choose freely!
Torahiko: When I got chosen as the group leader, I decided to aim for a free group!
Torahiko: That said, what do you plan to do, Noah?
Chapter 13-1 (6)
Noah: Isn't it obvious? Everyone will participate.
Noah: We mustn't fail at this point after all. When I turn back I'll tell the other members to participate.
Chapter 13-1 (7)
Seiya: As expected of Noah...So you're forcing them?
Noah: Of course? I don't have a reason to spoil them.
Seiya: I see! We F∞F and Twinkle Bell already decided what to do long ago!
Satsuki: Of course, we will take the exam! And we will sell the CDs after we pass it!
Seiya: That's it! And with this the third generation settled their opinions!
Seiya: And since we're together in this let's work hard together to pass the exam and release our CDs!
Noah: Yes. I hope for everyone to pass it.
Chapter 13-1 (8)
Satsuki: Hmph! I'm ok with just passing it with guys make sure to give it your best too.
Torahiko: You're not really honest, are you?
Satsuki: Shut up!
Chapter 13-1 (9)
Seiya: Good! Then, let's pass the exam and release the CDs!
Seiya: And then, let's leave the second generation and the principal speechless!
Chapter 13-1 (10)
Noah&Satsuki&Torahiko: Yes!

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