Chapter 13-2 (1)
Kokoro: Wait! Don't go taking the music room!
Futami: Ah! Kokoro-chan, you're cute today too~
Kokoro: Of course! Please stop saying obvious things!
Kokoro: And Takamichi! Move!
Chapter 13-2 (2)
Takamichi: Uwah! Don't suddenly drag the chair from behind! I nearly fell on my back!
Kokoro: Shut up. There aren't any other chairs, so it can't be helped. Letting a lady sit is common sense!
Takamichi: No, you look like a lady but you're not a real one, right?
Kokoro: ...Did you say something?
Takamichi: ! Damn, it can't be helped, so I'll let you...
Kokoro: Ya~wn! Takamichi you're so ni~ce♪
Chapter 13-2 (3)
Issei: By now, you should stop pretending. It's disgusting...
Kokoro: Issei. If you keep up that attitude, I won't tell you anything!
Issei: Huh? Are you picking a fight?
Chapter 13-2 (4)
Kokoro: What, you wanna go at it?!
Futami: There, there. I think it's unacceptable for seniors like you two to get angry like this and start fighting~
Issei: You're the only one I don't want to be told that!
Kokoro: Even though you're a NEET, you have the nerve to say that?
Futami: Eeh. Why do you two get along only at times like this?
Kokoro: Hmph! I'm not in the mood for this. Well, fine. I'll tell you...
Kokoro: You guys want to know about the previous live right?
Issei: Now you get it...
Kokoro: I heard that you got into a fight with the third generation, so I got a general idea of your interest.
Kokoro: And what do you want to know?
Chapter 13-2 (5)
Regarding F∞F
Regarding Twinkle Bell
Regarding the other groups

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