Chapter 13-3 (1)
Kokoro: When that samurai idiot arrived, he passed between the audience and went all the way to where I was!
Kokoro: Isn't he aware that he's an I-Chu? Unbelievable, right?
Issei: ...Are you talking about that blond brat?
Kokoro: Yep, him. Strangely, I feel like he has high potential, or an unknown strength or...
Kokoro: But, he has that charm where if he extends his hand to you, you will yearn to hold it...
Chapter 13-3 (2)
Futami: Hee. It's unusual for you to talk like that.
Futami: Usually you would say something like "friends are a burden!"
Kokoro: Uh! Tha-that's~
Kokoro: (I can't tell them! I definitely can't tell them that I had an accident in the middle of the live and didn't know what to do!)
Kokoro: (Especially since they're rivals of the same generation!)
Chapter 13-3 (3)
Futami: O~i. Kokoro-chan? Did you hear me?
Kokoro: Ehm~...That, that's~
Chapter 13-3 (4)
Kokoro: A girl's SE・C・RET☆
Issei: ...We wasted our time. Let's go to lessons now.
Kokoro: Wa-wait right there! I still haven't finished talking~!
Chapter 13-3 (5)
Issei: Tch. Then say it now.
Kokoro: The second generation will perform the judging, but what about "them"?
Futami: Ah. Those kids. They got an order, so they must be in the middle of a live now, right?
Kokoro: Right...When they return they're bound to cause trouble instead of judging.
Chapter 13-3 (6)
Takamichi: Give up...They're way over our image of idols. I don't even want to think of them as I-Chu's like us...
Futami: Really? But I like them a lot~
Chapter 13-3 (7)
Issei: They'll soon return. And then, they'll most likely cause trouble.
Kokoro: You're a trouble maker too, though.
Issei: Shut up! ....Then, this time I'm really going.
Chapter 13-3 (8)
Kokoro: It's not that I'm worried about that idiot Seiya and the others.
Kokoro: The most important thing is to work hard and survive, right?
Chapter 13-3 (9)
Seiya: *sneezes*
Kanata: Seiya, are you okay? Did you catch a cold?
Akira: Here, a tissue.
Seiya: Ah, thank you! ...But I didn't catch a cold though?
Seiya: (Is someone talking about me?)

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