Chapter 14-2 (1)
Seiya: Bloody Master! That's a really cool name!
Bloody Master: Huu...Understanding my greatness is difficult even among humans. My compliments!
Bloody Master: I shall bestow upon you a new name...From now on you are---
Bloody Master: Star Night.
Seiya: Yes! Akira, call me "Star Night"!
Akira: No. It's embarrassing, right?
Bloody Master: Fufufu. There's no need to be shy, Dark Sword.
Akira: ..........
Chapter 14-2 (2)
Kanata: Uwah!? Akira-kun, don't get angry~!
Bloody Master: Hm! You are!?
Kanata: Eh? M-me?
Bloody Master: You are the third servant I was searching for! That rabbit toy is more than enough proof.
Bloody Master: Sammy! With those eyes of yours that can gaze from far away, make sure that he's suitable to me!
Sammy: Hoo!
Chapter 14-2 (3)
Kanata: Uwah! Mr. Owl is cute, but if he keeps staring at me like that, I'll get scared...
Sammy: Hohoo!!
Bloody Master: I see...As I thought. From now on, you're Crimson Angel!
Bloody Master: Come, Choosen One. Let's rule this world together!
Kanata: E? Eeeh~~!?
Chapter 14-2 (4)
Seiya: Wait a bit! I'm happy you gave us those cool names, but taking away Kanata is another story!
Seiya: Kanata is our precious friend! That's why, I won't hand him over to you!
Akira: That's right. You're about the same age as Kanata, but just because you're both kids, it doesn't mean I'll let you...
Chapter 14-2 (5)
Bloody Master: ...What are you saying, you damned youngster! I'm an immortal being that surpassed 427 years long ago!
Seiya: Wha--what did you say!?
Akira: That's obviously a lie...
Chapter 14-2 (6)
Kanata: Y-you two! You don't need to worry since I'll never leave this group!
Kanata: It's because we're dear friends, after all! At this point, nobody would think of leaving!
Seiya: Kanata...!
Producer: That's how it is, so give up, Eva-kun.
Chapter 14-2 (7)
Bloody Master: Uh. Messiah...It's been a while...
Producer: ...I told you so many times to call me Producer.
Chapter 14-2 (8)
Bloody Master: How deplorable of me to forget your name...More importantly, I have told you many times to call me Bloody Master--
Producer: No, it's too long...
Chapter 14-2 (9)
Bloody Master: Fu, if one day you should regain your memories of your past life, you will shout my real name frantically...
Producer: Really, your strange semantics won't work for me...Anyways, the fact that you're here means that the live finished, right?
Producer: If so, what about the other two? Aren't you always together?
Bloody Master: Yes, my servants are...
Chapter 14-2 (10)
???: Ah! I found Master!
Chapter 14-2 (11)
???: Master, please change quickly! We can't go eatin' together like this!
Seiya: (Are they Bloody Master's friends?)

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