Producer: Since the remaining two arrived, how about introducing yourselves now?
Chapter 14-3 (1)
Death Chronos: I'm Death Chronos! Master's faithful servant♪
Guilty Clown: I'm Guilty Clown! I'm Master's servant too, same as Mio!
Chapter 14-3 (2)
Mio: Wait...Ban, why are you calling me by my real name? Aren't you aware of your position as Master's servant?
Ban: I-I'm sorry...Eh? But Mio, you're calin' me by my real name too, aren't ya?
Mio: It's only fine if I do it.
Ban: That doesn't make sense~
Chapter 14-3 (3)
Eva: You two. Cease your fighting...
Mio: Ah! Master, did you finish changing?
Eva: This is my temporary appearance. You can call me by name now.
Chapter 14-3 (4)
Mio: Ye~s, Eva-sama! By the way...
Mio: Eva-sama...Is it true that you invited this kid to be your servant?
Kanata: *surprised*!
Chapter 14-3 (5)
Mio: You...If you get too close to Eva-sama, I'll cast a curse on you with my black magic...
Ban: You're callin' him a kid, but ain't he the same age as us, Mio?
Mio: Shut up, Ban!
Producer: There there, you shouldn't fight with your teammates!
Mio: ...If producer says so, then I'll be quie~t.
Chapter 14-3 (6)
Akira: By the way, it's not wrong to assume that Eva-kun is the leader, right?
Eva: That's right. I am an absolute being to them.
Seiya: Heeh, awesome! You're the youngest and yet you manage them. They must trust you a lot, don't they?
Eva: Huh? Did you misunderstand something? I'm the oldest one here.
Seiya: Eh? Ah! That setup of you being 427 years old!
Eva: !? Y-yeah! Of course, that's what I was talking about!
Chapter 14-3 (7)
Akira: Wait a said "the oldest one here"?
Akira: I'm 21 years old, producer is---
Producer: ...Mitsurugi-kun?
Akira: I'm sorry for that...Anyways, maybe he's older than what we think?
Producer: ...As Mitsurugi-kun said, Eva-kun is the oldest I-Chu, 29 years old.
Chapter 14-3 (8)
F∞F 29!?
Chapter 14-3 (9)
Eva: Wr-wrong! I'm 427 years old!!
Producer: Yes yes...Anyways, with this, all of second generation has assembled.
Producer: These are "RE:BERSERK". They were on a live until now.
Producer: By the way, did you hear about the recording examination?
Eva: Yes. That meddlesome Siren contacted me, so I know about the situation.
Producer: I see, Hanabusa-san did...Then the talk will be fast. After a few days, you'll judge them too and--
Eva: Of course, I will judge them. However, just judging isn't interesting...
Eva: If all F∞F doesn't pass the judging, it would mean there's no synergy in the group.
Eva: There's no reason for such a group to exist. That's why, if you don't all pass the judging---
Eva: You will hand over Crimson Angel to me!
Chapter 14-3 (11)
Seiya: HUH?! There's no way we can do that!
Eva: What...So that's how much you're prepared...But, that's only if you all pass.
Eva: Isn't it very strange for someone without preparation like you to aim to be an idol?
Seiya: !?
Kanata: ...Okay!
Chapter 14-3 (12)
Akira: Kanata!?
Kanata: I'm probably the one that holds everyone back, but I'll definitely show you that I'll get acknowledged.
Kanata: After all, I won't lose to anyone when it comes to the feeling of wanting to aim for top idols with this group!
Seiya: I won't lose either when it comes to that!
Seiya: Fine, Bloody Master! We accept your challenge.
Chapter 14-3 (13)
Eva: Ha ha ha ha! It finally became interesting!
Eva: I shall ascertain your true power!
Eva: So be prepared, my juniors!

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