Chapter 15-1 (1)
Mio: La~~♪
Mio: Master! Did you see me~!
Eva: I did. As expected of my servant, your singing is splendid!
Mio: Fufufu~♪ By the way~
Ban: Gnom gnom gnom...Delishious![1]
Mio: Oi...insect...Are you stuffing yourself with steamed bun while I'm in the middle of singing?
Ban: Hm, good 'ob![2] What, Mio, you want some too? We can divide!
Mio: I don't need your food! One day I'll destroy your body with my black magic...
Chapter 15-1 (2)
Eva: Ban...How many times have I told you not to eat in the middle of practice?
Ban: Hehe! I'm sorry! Since Chaoyang gave some to me, I kinda...
Eva: Ah...that human that came from China...
Mio: You. What do you plan by being friendly with our juniors in the third generation? We have challenged them, you know?
Ban: But, we're only havin' a challenge with F∞F, not the other groups, y'know?
Mio: Geez! What a spoiled kid!
Mio: Master! It's not too late now so let's expel Ban from the group~
Mio: This group is enough with just me and you, Master~♪
Ban: Mio, that's cruel~!
Eva: Mio...Ban is indispensable to us. I won't let this group lack of anyone.
Mio: Master...
Chapter 15-1 (3)
Mio: Master, you're WONDERFUL when you don't abandon your teammates, too!
Ban: Eeh! You didn't reflect on what he said at all!
Mio: Hmph!
Mio: By the way, Master. Why did you want to make Crimson Angel a member too?
Eva: ...Hm. Did you see the puppet on his bag?
Mio: Puppet...Do you mean that rabbit doll?
Eva: That's right...I saw a mysterious color in the spirit of that doll.
Chapter 15-1 (4)
Eva: Fu! Don't you think that's a suitable instrument to my Madness Matter?[3]
Mio: Master's Madness Matter! I see, so that's why you wanted him in the team...I can understand that!
Ban: As expected of Master! I didn't get it well, but you're thinkin' a lot of plans, right?
Eva: Ha ha ha ha ha! That's right! I am always thinking ahead!
Chapter 15-1 (5)
Issei: Stop babbling things that no one can understand.
Eva: Hm! Having such a defiant attitude towards me...It looks like living isn't important to you, Berserker!
Issei: ...I'll kill you!
Chapter 15-1 (6)
Futami: Wa~! Calm down Issei! Eva-kun may not look like it, but he's older than us, right?
Chapter 15-1 (7)
Takamichi: He doesn't look older at all...
Ban: Ah! If it ain't Takamichi! We haven't met ever since that party!
Takamichi: .......
Ban: Eeh?! Are you ignoring me!
Takamichi: I don't feel like being friends with the Jumonji household at all!
Ban: Uu...Takamichi, you're bein' childish.
Takamichi: Wha-! This little...Even though you're younger! Show more respect to older people!
Mio: I don't want to...Master, my ears started hurting from this elder's shameful hysteria.
Takamichi: Guh!
Chapter 15-1 (8)
Futami: There there, Takamichi you should calm down too~
Futami: Or I'll tell Producer-chan that you got angry at a younger person for nothing.
Takamichi: Wha-! On whose side are you?!
Futami: Me? I'm always a pacifist you know~
Chapter 15-1 (9)
Issei: Don't say stupid things, Futami.
Eva: I agree with you. And now, did you come here because you wanted to talk to me?
Eva: Tell me what's the matter, Berserker. As the tolerant Bloody Master that I am, I will listen to your words.
Issei: I'll really kill you after all...


  1. Since the word was cut off because of the eating I decided to translate it like this
  2. Again, because he was eating the word was incorrect
  3. Eva read it as "Madness Matter" but the translation for the kanji would be "Doll of Madness"

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