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Chapter 15-2 (1)
Eva: Come on, you can speak...!
Issei: I want to hear your opinion. Did you see the true abilities of the third gen?
Eva: No...I just had a conversation. However--
Eva: Sammy said an interesting thing...
Sammy: Hoo
Issei: And the interesting thing is?
Eva: Do you think I would propose such a bet without chances of winning?
Chapter 15-2 (2)
Futami: Are you talking about pulling Kanata-kun out of F∞F if F∞F loses?
Eva: Indeed..."He" will probably be the cause of their defeat...
Takamichi: "He"...who are you talking about between those three?
Eva: Kukuku..."He" is the one that resembles me a lot when I was young. A prodigy carries previous troubles too.
Eva: Leaving aside if he's conscious of it or not, Messiah seems to have noticed it...
Chapter 15-2 (3)
Mio: As expected of Master! It's incredible how you noticed their weaknesses so quickly♪
Eva: Fu. Shall we watch how they'll cover that part?
Issei: Geh. Sly grandpa
Ban: !? You deserve certain death if you say such things in front of Master!
Mio: I'll cast a curse on you, you know....?
Issei: Try it if you can, underlings
Chapter 15-2 (4)
Eva: My my, everyone is so youthful. Berserker, I answered your question. If you don't have any more questions you may go.
Issei: You don't need to tell me, I'll immediately get out. Let's go, Futami, Takamichi.
Eva: Ah. Now that reminds me, Sammy also said this
Eva: They, are shining...
Issei: ......
Eva: A raw stone need to be polished until it will shine with the light of a jewel.
Chapter 15-2 (5)
Issei: Huh! Do you think I'll take the words of a bird seriously!
Eva: Berserker. What are you fearing?
Issei: ....Hey, what did you just say?
Eva: Did I anger you? Then I'm sorry about that...
Eva: However, it's unusual for you to come ask me for opinions, so I kind of...
Eva: Even I got surprised by your attitude.
Eva: According to rumors it seems you asked Siren too.
Chapter 15-2 (6)
Issei: Tsk! That talk!
Eva: You don't need to fear anything...We are both second generation. We have spent more years than them as I-Chu's.
Eva: That's why I'm acting so imposing. It's our pride.
Eva: We must not falter. And then, we must not forget the opponent in front of us.
Eva: We too, have a wall to overcome like the third generation.
Eva: That's right...Because we have the first generation as seniors.
Chapter 15-2 (7)
Issei: ...You don't need to tell me.
Issei: I'll beat anyone that stands in my way!
Issei: (That's right...And I won't go easy especially on that guy!)
Chapter 15-2 (8)
Takamichi: Issei?
Issei: Tsk! I'm done here. Let's go for real now.
Futami: Oka---y! See you later~ Eva-kun!
Chapter 15-2 (9)
Mio: Those guys...I can't accept how they talk to Master like that! I have to cast a curse on them...
Ban: Master. What's the meanin' of what Issei said earlier?
Eva: Who knows...But, if I have to say it, it's because Berserker isn't conscious that he's feeling fear...
Eva: (For Issei, who doesn't trouble himself, to come all the way to talk to me...)
Eva: (He doesn't seem to be conscious of it but, is he considering the third generation a threat? I should stay vigilent too...)
Ban: Master?
Eva: Mio, Ban. We musn't be unprepared. Although we're judging them, we must never show ourselves inferior.
Eva: Let's gather more power. Follow after me!
Ban&Mio: Yes, Master!
Chapter 15-2 (10)
Kokoro: They're as chuunibyou as always...But more importantly, who's the "he" that Eva mentioned...
Kokoro: Well~ It doesn't have anything to do with me~, so I shouldn't worry after all~
Kokoro: Maybe, I'll just go see the situation for a moment~

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