Chapter 15-3 (1)
Seiya: Good! Today, we're practicing outside!
Akira: Why are we doing it outside?
Seiya: Hm--m well, somehow. The voice resonates far away, so I thought it would be better than indoors.
Producer: That's right. There aren't walls to restrain your voice, so it's the best for controlling your speaking volume.
Kanata: I see. Seiya you chose this place without being conscious of it. That's incredible!
Seiya: Hehe! Well, yeah!
Seiya: Anyways, producer! I'm sorry for having you stay with us during practice.
Producer: You can always ask me such things! I'll follow you until the end!
Akira: You're dependable, aren't you?
Seiya: Well then, we will sing in turns, so producer, listen to us!
Chapter 15-3 (2)
Seiya: How was it?
Producer: Yes. Aido-kun's singing is refreshing as always and has a nice feeling.
Producer: However, you want to sing so much that it looks like you're overrunning the song, so you should try to follow the tempo more.
Seiya: I see~
Producer: Minato-kun has become better than before. There's emotion to the lyrics, and you hear that you're trying to send your feelings across.
Chapter 15-3 (3)
Kanata: Really? Ehehe, that makes me happy.
Producer: But I think you need to train more on your speaking volume!
Producer: Also, you should pay attention to the key on your solo part.
Kanata: Ow...There are still a lot of things I should pay attention to, Rabirabi~
Producer: And now, Mitsurugi-kun.
Akira: How was it?
Producer: You need to have a lesson with me after this.
Seiya&Kanata: Eh?
Chapter 15-3 (4)
Akira: That's troubling...Was my singing that bad?
Producer: ...No, both your tempo and your solo parts were perfect.
Producer: But, Mitsurugi-kun. Compared to the other two, you're lacking something.
Akira: ......
Prodcuer: So I need to talk to you in private about that. That's why, Aido-kun, Minato-kun...
Producer: Won't you lend Mitsurugi-kun to me for a bit?
Kanata: B-but...
Chapter 15-3 (5)
Seiya: ...Understood! I believe you, producer!
Producer: !...Thank you.
Akira: Kanata. There's no need to worry. The producer is just going to give me some advice, okay?
Kanata: Yep. That's right. Ms. Producer has a great way of teaching, so she'll surely give you good advice!
Seiya: Good! Then Kanata. Let's go eat something!
Kanata: Okay! Well then, Akira-kun. See you tomorrow!
Akira: Yes. I'll return before it becomes dark.
Chapter 15-3 (6)
Akira: ...Now, producer. What kind of private lesson will you give me?
Producer: Before the private lesson or anything, I want to hear what you think.
Akira: What I think?
Producer: Right...I want to know if you're really working hard as an I-Chu or not...

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