Chapter 16-1 (1)
Akira: ...Producer, what do you mean by that?
Producer: I've been questioning myself for a long time. Why did you come here even though you were a famous model...
Producer: You have skills way higher than average in singing, dancing, and such.
Producer: But, when I saw your lesson, I thought it was strange.
Producer: I can't see your true abilities...It comes across from the others in the third generation, but not from you, Mitsurugi-kun.
Chapter 16-1 (2)
Akira: Is that so? I think Waka is more dull than me.
Producer: Uuu...I can't say anything if you compare yourself to Wakaouji-kun.
Akira: Right?
Producer: But it's different after all. I understood from the start that Wakaouji-kun had that sort of nature.
Producer: However, I don't understand you that well. I can't see the root, or rather, I can't see the true Mitsurugi-kun...
Chapter 16-1 (3)
Akira: Heeh...
Producer: When I heard you during today's lesson, I finally became certain of it.
Producer: Aido-kun and Minato-kun put feelings in their songs, but in yours, there's no feeling at all.
Akira: ...................
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun. In the past I told you to seriously make an effort, but if there's something worrying you, I'll listen, you know?
Producer: If we don't solve this quickly, the next exam will be risky. Even the second generation will immediately notice it...
Akira: Fu....
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun....?
Chapter 16-1 (4)
Akira: Haha...Hahaha!
Producer: Mi-Mitsurugi-kun? Why did you suddenly laugh?
Chapter 16-1 (5)
Akira: You're really irritating.
Producer: !?
Akira: Do you think just because someone is nice to you, they'll show their true self and dig their own grave? Are you an idiot?
Producer: ...Is this the real you?
Akira: My everyday attitude is my true self, too.
Producer: I see...
Akira: .....
Producer: Even that is okay. For a moment I got surprised, but now I feel relieved...
Chapter 16-1 (6)
Akira: Huh?
Producer: Because I understood that you can get emotional too...
Producer: I'm sorry that I said something that made you angry.
Producer: But I think that if you put emotions in your singing like now, the song will become beautiful!
Producer: Somehow, when I thought about it, I felt thrilled! And the confused emotions until now got cleared!
Producer: I'm glad I talked with you!
Chapter 16-1 (7)
Akira: ...You, you're a complete workaholic, aren't you?
Producer: He-hey...Don't look at me like I'm someone pitiful.
Akira: *sighs*
Akira: You have a delighted expression don't you, producer.
Akira: Really, I regret showing you my true character...
Producer: Well, sometimes one has to absolutely let go of steam, so if anything happens, you can complain to me.
Akira: Fufu. I pray that such a thing won't happen.
Producer: (Ah, he returned to his usual self...)

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