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Producer: I thought I was the one to arrive first but, to think you would come before me...
Chapter 16-3 (1)
Raku: What? Is it strange for me to come first?
Producer: No, you did well. It's in such situations that you properly show your serious self.
Raku: Those words are a bit biting. I woke up too early and thought about walking slowly, but arrived earlier than expected.
Producer: I see...
Chapter 16-3 (2)
Akira: Good morning Producer.
Producer: Good morning Mitsurugi-kun. How are you feeling?
Akira: Very well. Today I'm more charming than usual so keep your hopes high.
Producer: Yes, I have high hopes!
Chapter 16-3 (3)
Raku: ...Well? Is it my imagination or has the atmosphere around Akira changed....
Akira: Isn't it your imagination? But more importantly, it's unusual for you to come this early isn't it?
Raku: You guys...just what do you think of me...
Seiya: Good morning! [1]
Chapter 16-3 (4)
Kanata: Good morning Akira-kun!
Akira: Oops!'s dangerous to suddenly jump on my lap you know?
Kanata: Ehehe, I'm so--rry
Akira: Good grief...
Chapter 16-3 (5)
Akira: Seiya...Kanata...Today I'll sing the best song. That's why, won't you two overcome this wall together with me?
Seiya: Of course!
Kanata: We will overcome it with a hop!
Akira: Fufu
Chapter 16-3 (6)
Raku: Hey Producer. Something really happened right?
Producer: Well, we can say that they deepened their friendship.
Raku: Ooh...That's, interesting
*door opens*
Chapter 16-3 (7)
ArS arrived
I♥B arrived
Twinkle Bell arrived


  1. he says it in english

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