Seiya: Ooh! This is the recording studio!
Chapter 17-1 (1)
Kokoro: Hey, don't get excited like a kid!
Seiya: Hehe! It's the first time I entered a recording studio so I can't help but be excited, right?
Seiya: Have you ever sung here?
Kokoro: O-of course! Who do you think I am?
Kokoro: When my fans hear my songs, they fall in love and want to kneel in front of me♪
Seiya: Incredible! Eh? But when I heard your song at that live, I didn't kneel down, you know?
Kokoro: ~~! You're really annoying!
Chapter 17-1 (2)
Issei: Hey brats. Don't make so much noise!
Issei: Seiya Aido. I'll judge your singing. Aren't you afraid...
Seiya: I'm not afraid at all. I can't wait to show you our song!
Seiya: I'll put a lot of feelings in it so that you guys won't have complaints about us passing. So be sure to hear us!
Issei: Tsk! Don't forget about the abdominal breathing...[1]
Seiya: Yes!! I won't forget what you taught me!
Chapter 17-1 (3)
Eva: Fu. As your real name implies, you're a shining boy. [2]
Eva: However, do not forget the contract you made with me...
Eva: If even one of you fails, you will have to surrender Crimson Angel to me.
Seiya: I didn't forget, and I won't hand over Kanata!
Chapter 17-1 (4)
Seiya: ...Of course, we will use all our power to pass this test!
Seiya: And we will use all of our strength even if you said that today's recording won't be made into a CD!
Seiya: I want to put my feelings into it, and sing for all the people near me that will listen to the song.
Seiya: I will sing carrying the feelings of the composer and every single line of the lyrics, and I'll send those feelings to everyone.
Seiya: Nobody would love you if you don't reciprocate something earnestly made for you!
Seiya: People that aren't loved shouldn't aim to be idols!
Chapter 17-1 (5)
Issei&Kokoro&Eva: !?
Seiya: That's why, today, I'll sing for the second generation too! Please listen to my song until the end!
Issei: ...You've got some guts.
Kokoro: Really, sometimes you hit the point too...
Eva: Fu. This third generation is really proficient...Of course Siren and Berserker would consider you a threat.
Chapter 17-1 (6)
Eva: Hahahaha! Then try passing over my corpse! If you manage to do so, I'll approve of you as a real knight!
Kokoro: Hey! Don't suddenly laugh out loud like that!
Eva: ! It--it's not good to get that angry...
Kokoro: Hmph! Seiya Aido! This Kokoro-chan will be listening to your song so I won't forgive you if you sing a bad one!
Seiya: Of course!
Chapter 17-1 (7)
Issei: Interesting! Go sing and try getting acknowledged by me!
Issei: If you do so, I'll admit that you guys are a good group too.
Seiya: Alright! Kanata, Akira!
Seiya: We will get acknowledged by the second generation! And let all third generation pass this together!
Kanata&Akira: Yes!


  1. He's referring to the technique he told Seiya in 11-1
  2. Seiya's name literally means "Starry night"

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