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Chapter 17-2 (1)
Seiya: (I want this song to reach them...)[1]
Seiya: (My heart is beating so fast...This is the same excitement I felt at the street live)
Seiya: (I'll get acknowledged by everyone and release the CD. And then I'll be one step closer to "that person"...)
Seiya: (We're still just at the starting line. Alright! Let's run towards our goal!)
Chapter 17-2 (2)
Seiya: ~~♪
Producer: (As expected of Aido-kun. His singing has a lot of feelings, compared to the practice from the other day. He's showing his true abilities.)
Producer: (I want to see this kid debut soon...I'm sure if the guests heard this singing voice they would be captivated by it too)
Chapter 17-2 (3)
Akira: ..........
Producer: ..........
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun
Akira: Ah...What is it, you're looking anxious?
Producer: Give me your hand
Akira: Hand?...Well. fine but
Chapter 17-2 (4)
*holds hand*
Producer: ...Yes. It became cold because of the nervousness.
Chapter 17-2 (5)
Akira: ! ...Let go of it
Producer: I'll let go after I finish talking. That's why you have to listen to me...
Producer: When you sing, try thinking that you want your song to reach your companions.
Chapter 17-2 (6)
Akira: Companions I want to reach?
Producer: That's right. Why are you being nervous? Are you worried about losing? Or perhaps--
Producer: Are you afraid because if you lose Aido-kun and Kanata-kun will be disqualified too?
Akira: !?
Producer: Ouch!
Akira: ...Producer. You're a real idiot for poking a part of me that I hate, aren't you?
Producer: And I'm fine with it...It seems your power returned too
Chapter 17-2 (7)
Akira: !!
Producer: Yes, your hand became warm now. I think it's better to have a moderate amount of tension.
Producer: That way you can sing by instinct too!
Prouducer: Don't forget what I said earlier. You have to sing while thinking that there are companions you want to reach with the song.
Producer: If you do so I'm convinced you will sing a great song
Akira: Haha. You're a real workaholic...But, thanks...
Chapter 17-2 (8)
Akira: I will send my song to you too
Producer: (Mitsurugi-kun will be okay!)
Producer: (Well now...Let's see the situation of the other groups too)
Chapter 17-2 (9)
Look at Lancelot
Look at POP' N STAR


  1. In this part of the story the instrumental for I am a HERO! is playing as background music

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