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Chapter 17-3 (1)
Akira: *inhales*...*exhales*...
Akira: (Even though it's unusual for me, I got nervous for an entire hour thinking about what to do. But the Producer and Kanata encouraged me...)
Akira: (I can't get in Seiya and Kanata's way here! If I get in their way I'm not qualified to stay by their side!)
Akira: (I want to be like Seiya and Kanata...Producer said that I can do it.)
Akira: (If I don't succeed as the older one in the won't look good at all!)
Chapter 17-3 (2)
Akira: ~~♪
Producer: !
Chapter 17-3 (3)
Eva: Well...this is...
Issei: Heh. Did he show his true self here
Kokoro: Incredible...He puts emotion into it to the point that it gives you goosebumps!
Chapter 17-3 (4)
Akira: (I didn't think singing while thinking of someone would feel so nice...)
Akira: (It's the thrill of finding new things you didn't know about until now...)
Akira: (The emotions inside me are boiling like magma...!)
Akira: (Seiya...Kanata...and producer. Listen to my song!)
Akira: (As a member of F∞F, I'll move forward---)
Akira: (With Seiya and Kanata!)
*door opens*
Akira: Haa...thank you for the hard wor--
Seiya: Akira!!
Akira: Uwah...Seiya? Why did you suddenly---
Chapter 17-3 (5)
Kanata: Akira-ku--n!
Akira: Guh...Ka, Kanata too...
Seiya: Your singing was the best ever!
Kanata: It was the best I've ever heard...Without thinking, the tears...
Seiya: Hehe...I'm so moved I feel like crying too!
Seiya: I'm really glad I'm in the same group as you two!
Chapter 17-3 (6)
Akira: Haha...How many times have you said that line?
Akira: .......
Kanata: Akira-kun?
Seiya: Akira.....?
Akira: R.....Really...I'm glad I'm in the same group as you two....!
Kanata: ....! Yep...yep!
Seiya: Ah~ geez! I really love you two, damn it!
Producer: You three did a great job!
Chapter 17-3 (7)
Akira: !? R-right. I showed a shameful behavior
Akira: I'm sorry for making you wait. So, what about the judging?
Chapter 17-3 (8)
Issei: Huh? Don't ask me obvious things
Eva: With this Crimson Angel will---
F∞F ......
Eva: have to stay with you....Congratulations. It's your victory!
Kokoro: Well, it would be shameful to give priority to your ego after hearing that singing~
Eva: I'm Bloody Master, a prideful magical being! I can't show such ego!
Kokoro: Yeah yeah. Well, it's only normal since you are my juniors.[1] You worked hard didn't you?
Chapter 17-3 (9)
Seiya: We...We did it!!!
Kanata: We...we did it, Akira-kun! I got approved even though my singing isn't that good!
Akira: Yes. We passed together! With this we can realease the CD together too!
Seiya: Uwoh! Right, the CD's. I completely forgot about it while singing!
Kanata: Haha! Seiya has to be like this after all!
Issei: Seiya Aido.
Chapter 17-3 (10)
Seiya: Gueh! Wh-why did you hit my stomach!
Issei: You became good with the abdominal breathing. Remember this singing technique well in the future too...
Seiya: !? Yeah! Issei, you're a nice guy!
Kokoro: This is bad! This development means only one thing---
Issei: ? Why did Kokoro run away?
Seiya: A hug to mark the friendship between senior and junior!
Issei: !? Bastard, this is disgusting!! Shit! Let go of me!!
Chapter 17-3 (11)
Takamichi: Wow. It's rare for Issei to let a junior play around with him like this
Futami: Isn't it~ It's the first time you got hugged by a junior, Issei
Issei: Shut up! More importantly, help me get rid of him!
Chapter 17-3 (12)
Seiya: A friendship hug for Bloody Master too!
Eva: Uhyaa! Wha-what are you doing~!
Sammy: Hoo!!
Chapter 17-3 (13)
Mio: ! Seiya Aido....I'll cast a curse on you!
Ban: Uwah! C-calm down Mio!
Kokoro: Fuuh...I knew it would end up like this~
Producer: can't do anything about Aido-kun's habit of hugging others.
Producer: (But, Mitsurugi-kun's progress is a great outcome. It seems I'll become busy with the CD realease!)
Chapter 17-3 (14)
Seiya: F∞F is an immortal group!


  1. He's referring to F∞F

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