Chapter 18-1 (1)
Kumakocho: Everyone~ Good job with the examination~
Kumakocho: I'm really glad it ended with no one failing~ To celebrate it I prepared a little meeting~!
Kumakocho: These meat and vegetables are a treat from me, so be sure to eat a lot~. Well then---
Kumakocho: Cheers!
Everyone Cheers!
Chapter 18-1 (2)
Kanata: Wawah! Akira-kun, Akira-kun! There's so much meat~!!
Akira: Eating meat is fine, but you should eat your vegetables too. And Seiya too. If you only eat meat--
Seiya: *eating*....Hm? Fwat ish it?
Akira: You're eating too fast...
Chapter 18-1 (3)
Noah: Seiya...Talking with your mouth full of food is bad manners, you know?
Seiya: *swallows* Pwaah, sorry sorry! I was so hungry that I lost my patience.
Noah: Well, I can understand your feelings.
Seiya: Hehe! Right...Akira, I'm eating the vegetables too!
Akira: I saw that, but be sure not to clog up your throat by eating too much, okay?
Producer: So? Is everyone having fun?
Noah: Yes, producer. You followed our examinations all day long, didn't you? Thank you for the hard work.
Producer: Thank you, Noah-kun.
Chapter 18-1 (4)
Akira: That reminds me, how did your group's examination go?
Noah: Our exam? Uhm, me and Rabi were okay. Chaoyang was too nervous to the point where it became dangerous, but somehow we solved it.
Akira: Eh? What about Lucas?
Noah: To be frank, I thought he couldn't pass, but somehow he didn't give up and was able to pass.
Chapter 18-1 (5)
Akira: Lucas did? I thought he was sure to pass...
Noah: Well, a lot happened to him too.
Noah: We are supporting him, but he had to pass that by himself.
Akira: ....That's pretty cold of you.
Noah: Fufu, haven't you become a bit cold towards me too?
Akira: Fufu, that's not it.
Noah: Fufu...
Akira: Fufu...
Chapter 18-1 (6)
Seiya: (What's up with this atmosphere...Those two became scary so I'll ju---st go around a bit...)
Kanata: (I-I'm going for a stroll with Rabirabi too~)
Producer: Noah-kun, Mitsurugi-kun, stop making such scary faces. Noah-kun was worried about Lucas-kun too, right?
Chapter 18-1 (7)
Noah: We, the members of I♥B, live under the same roof, so we know when one of us is in need of help or not.
Noah: If Lucas were to be in trouble, we would immediately go to support him before anyone else.
Noah: We don't need to say it since we all feel the same way.
Akira: ...I'm sorry. I said such harsh words without knowing anything.
Noah: No problem. Thank you for worrying about Lucas, Akira.
Akira: No...It wasn't just his problem after all. Eh? Where did Seiya and Kanata go?
Producer: What? You're right. But they were here until now...
Chapter 18-1 (8)
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