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Chapter 18-2 (1)
Tsubaki: Oh! That meat looks delicious! Give some to me too
Kumakocho: Welcome back~ Tsubaki-kun. There's plenty to eat♪
Producer: President! First of all explain this situation to everyone!
Kumakocho: Ah! That's right~ tsubaki-kun, what about the others?
Tsubaki: Toya and the others are about to--
Chapter 18-2 (2)
Toya: Ah, Tsubaki. How could you go ahead alone and leave us behind
Tsubaki: Isn't it fine? I was hungry so it couldn't be helped
Tatsumi: Oh! The meat looks delicious!
Chapter 18-2 (3)
Aoi: I think greedy men are shameful, you know?
Tatsumi: ...What, you're putting on airs
Aoi: I'm not putting on airs, this is just my idea of how a human has to be.
Tatsumi: What did you say! Are you picking a fight Aoi!
Aoi: Haa~ You're not elegant at all, Tatsumi
Chapter 18-2 (4)
Toya: There there you two. Fighting when you just returned isn't nice, right?
Tatsumi: ...Damn!
Aoi: Yes yes, knowing when to retire is wisdom, Tatsumi
Toya: Aoi? You shouldn't provoke him like that!
Aoi: You're right, I'll be careful
Tsubaki: You two are always fighting. You're good enough friends to fight right!
Chapter 18-2 (5)
Tatsumi&Aoi: We're not good friends!
Tsubaki: It's nice that you're so lively!
Toya: Geez...Rather than taking it so easy you should mediate between them.
Producer: I'm of the exact same opinion
Toya: Right?
Chapter 18-2 (6)
Tsubaki: You two, don't pick on me...
Producer: But more importantly, President. Everyone is looking at us with surprise, so please introduce them.
Kumakocho: That's right~ He--y, everyone~ please look over he---re!
Chapter 18-2 (7)
Toya: Then, let me present myself...
Toya: Nice to meet you. I'm Toya Honoki, a member of Tenjyou Tenge. Pleased to work with everyone from here on.
Toya: Come on everyone, greet them
Tatsumi: ...I'm Tatsumi Madarao
Chapter 18-2 (8)
Aoi: I'm Aoi Kakitsubata. If you are aiming to become idols too you should always improve yourselves.
Chapter 18-2 (9)
Tsubaki: And I'm Tsubaki Rindo! I'm a senior for you guys but I'm an I-Chu too.
Tsubaki: So, if you have any problem you can always ask me!
Chapter 18-2 (10)
Kumakocho: Those kids just came back from a live overseas~
Kumakocho: Please be nice to them okay~
Chapter 18-2 (11)
Seiya: ............
Kanata: Seiya? What happened? You're staying frozen with your meat in hand...
Akira: That's true. But his eyes seem to be fixed on the first generation?
Seiya: ..........the
Akira&Kanata: Eh?
Seiya: The person I admire...Tsubaki Rindo is in front of me....!

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