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Chapter 18-3 (1)
Seiya: It-it's the real Tsubaki-san....!
Kanata: Don't tell me, the idol Seiya mentioned before is...
Akira: Looking at his state. it's most likely him, right?
Akira: That Tsubaki Rindo must be the person Seiya admires
Chapter 18-3 (2)
Tsubaki: Oh, the second generation is here too! Yo, how have you been?
Issei: Looking at your face made me lose my good mood...
Chapter 18-3 (3)
Kokoro: Tsubaki Rindo! Don't get too full of yourself just because you did a live overseas!
Tsubaki: Why are you guys always so harsh to me?
Chapter 18-3 (4)
Eva: They are all bluffing because they don't want to lose to you
Eva: Well, to me everyone is like a kid so I have to mantain a noble attitude!
Tsubaki: Oh! As expected, a 29 years old has to be dignified like that!
Chapter 18-3 (5)
Eva: Shut up! I'm 427 years old!
Tsubaki: Hahaha! I've never met guys like you before so it's really funny!
Eva: Gurgh....! Stupid Gaia...You just watch! I'll definitely achieve your status one day!
Tsubaki: Isn't it fine? Having so much juniors that are easy to tease is the best...
Chapter 18-3 (6)
Tsubaki: ...Won't you amuse me more?
Eva&Issei&Kokoro: This guy...!
Chapter 18-3 (7)
Tsubaki: Hahahaha! Those guys are really interesting!
Toya: Tsubaki! Stop picking up useless fights! Everyone, I'm really sorry for that...
Chapter 18-3 (8)
Tatsumi: As expected of Tsubaki...At first sight he may look like the older brother type, but he's a real sadist...
Aoi: Well, isn't it fine being like that to boys? I would stop him if he teased girls.
Chapter 18-3 (9)
Kokoro: Yawn~ But Kokoro-chan is a weak maiden♪ [1]
Aoi: You may look cute but you're a boy so you don't count.
Kokoro: Hmph! You're all a group of jerks....
Tsubaki: And the third generation for this year is...
Noah&Torahiko&Satsuki: .........
Chapter 18-3 (10)
Tsubaki: Ooh! They have can understand with just one look that they're all unique!
Kumakocho: Right right~. Being special is important isn't it~
Tsubaki: They've been discovered by you after all
Tsubaki: And today was their examination right? From the second generation's point of view, which group was the best?
Chapter 18-3 (11)
Kokoro: T-there isn't any group that looked the best! Kokoro-chan is always number one!
Issei: Paying attention to the third generation? Don't you understand that to us its more important getting closer to your abilities?
Eva: Fu. Your negligence towards us will be fatal to you.
Chapter 18-3 (12)
Tsubaki: I'm not neglecting you guys or anything. I will never neglect being better than you.
Tsubaki: But, well being honest isn't bad but, wouldn't it be fine to lie for a bit more?
Tsubaki: I understood where your focus is. Thank you for telling me!
Chapter 18-3 (13)
Eva&Issei&Kokoro: !?
Chapter 18-3 (14)
Seiya: Wai-! Tsubaki-san is coming here!?
Akira: Calm down, Seiya
Kanata: Take a deep breath, come on!
Seiya: H-how do you take a deep breath!?
Akira: Anyways, be sure to make a proper greeting. Look, he arrived!
Seiya: Ah
Tsubaki: Are you the best group of this generation? Nice to meet you!


  1. Voiced line says "Maiden in love"

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