Tsubaki: Hm? That blonde boy...We have met before, right?
Chapter 19-1 (1)
Seiya: ! Tsubaki-san, you remembered me!
Tsubaki: There weren't other guys as impressive as you after all!
Seiya: ~~~! I-I'm touched!
Tsubaki: Since you're here, it means you properly chased after me! Not bad!
Chapter 19-1 (2)
Akira: Seiya...I don't really understand though?
Kanata: Have you met that person before?
Seiya: Actually, one year ago---
Chapter 19-1 (3)
Seiya: Wait a bit, Gonzaburo!
Gonzaburo: Woof woof!
Seiya: Damn, you don't consider me your master at all, do you? Even though I take you out for strolls everyday...
Gonzaburo: Woof.
Seiya: Well, as long as you're lively, that's okay!
Chapter 19-1 (4)
Seiya: ...I can hear a song.
Gonzaburo: Woof! woof!
Seiya: Uwah! Gonzaburo wait!
Female fan A: Kyaa, Tsubaki~!!
Female fan B: Aah...So wonderful...I'll follow you all my life~!!
Chapter 19-1 (5)
Gonzaburo: Woof!
Seiya: What's up with this shouting...And there are only girls here...
Seiya: Did someone famous arrive?
Chapter 19-1 (6)
Tsubaki: Thank you for coming to my solo live! The next song is the last, so be sure to watch until the end!
Seiya: (So that person was the one singing...Uwah! That's a Japanese-style costume!!)
Seiya: (But, I've never seen anyone famous that wears that?...What kind of person is he?)
Tsubaki: ~~~♪
Seiya: !?
Seiya: (He looks really cool when he's dancing with the fan in hand!)
Seiya: (Aside from the splendid dance, I can feel a brilliant power from his voice...Just who is this man!)
Seiya: (This is the first time I've seen this person...I can't take my eyes off him!)
Chapter 19-1 (7)
Tsubaki: ...Fu.
Seiya: (He looked here and smiled! That's super cool!!)
Tsubaki: Thank you for gathering for me even though it was a sudden live!
Female fan A: How lucky of me to be able to see Tsubaki's guerrilla solo live!
Female fan B: Yep! We were really lucky to see it!
Seiya: ........
Chapter 19-1 (8)
Gonzaburo: Kuu...
Seiya: A-ah....Sorry Gonzaburo...Somehow, I became absentminded---
Chapter 19-1 (9)
Tsubaki: Yo. Blond boy!
Seiya: !?
Tsubaki: I rarely get to see a boy and his dog coming, so you stood out the most, you know?
Tsubaki: If you'd like, can you give me your impressions on the live?
Chapter 19-1 (10)
Seiya: ..............
Tsubaki: Why are you being silent? Are you feeling bad?
Seiya: ..........How.
Tsubaki: Hm?
Seiya: How do I become like you?
Tsubaki: Like me?
Seiya: Yeah! It's the first time I've met you, but you looked really cool!
Seiya: I want to become someone like you!
Tsubaki: You want to become like me, huh...Then for now, come and chase after me.
Tsubaki: I'm looking forward to you reaching me, boy!
Chapter 19-1 (11)
Seiya: Wah!
Tsubaki: And for the dog too.
Gonzaburo: Woof!?
Tsubaki: Haha! See you then!
Seiya: Even when he's leaving, he looks so cool...! Like a samurai...
Seiya: I want to be like him...Like a samurai idol!
Chapter 19-1 (12)
Seiya: ....And that's what happened.
Akira: That's why you're always saying that you want to become a samurai idol.
Kanata: That meeting had a great impact on you, didn't it!
Seiya: You're right! That's why I'm really happy that I met Tsubaki-san again like this!
Tsubaki: Nice to meet you again. Tell me your name.
Chapter 19-1 (13)
Seiya: I'm Seiya Aido! I chased after you and arrived until here!
Tsubaki: Seiya Aido....I finally got to know your name. Pleased to work with you from now on, Seiya!
Seiya: !
Seiya: Yeah! Me too, Tsubaki-san!


  1. The instrumental for Kachou Fuugetsu starts playing in the background from this point on

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