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Chapter 19-2 (1)
Seiya: I arrived here like promised!
Seiya: That's why I'll continue aiming to become a samurai idol like you!
Tsubaki: I see. I understand your feelings really well. I'm really happy that you admire me. However--
Tsubaki: Since you only chased after my back, it's impossible for you to surpass me, you know?
Seiya: Eh?
Chapter 19-2 (2)
Tatsumi: Ah~ Tsubaki's bad habit....just came out
Chapter 19-2 (3)
Tsubaki: Hey hey Tatsumi. Don't talk bad about other people. I'm saying that only out of kindness
Tsubaki: Seiya Aido. You came here because you chased after me. I know that that's not an ordinary thing but--
Tsubaki: The world of show business isn't that sweet that you can live in it with just your dreams.
Seiya: ! Tsubaki...san
Chapter 19-2 (4)
Kanata&Akira: ..............
Chapter 19-2 (5)
Aoi: *chuckles*...It seems those two over there have gone through troubles in the business world
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun...Stop saying things like that
Aoi: Fufu. If our beautiful producer says so then I will stop here
Chapter 19-2 (6)
Tsubaki: Seiya. You still don't know how strict this world is, so that's why I'm going to tell it to you this way.
Tsubaki: Give up to the idea of becoming a samurai idol!
Seiya: !?
Tsubaki: Your idea of "samurai idol" is just a concept created because of your admiration towards me
Tsubaki: Your idea isn't's just a hollow target
Chapter 19-2 (7)
Seiya: Y-You're wrong! That's not it!
Tsubaki: I'm not wrong! You have to discover your own individuality!
Seiya: My individuality...
Tsubaki: ....If you don't understand what I said, you're going to drop out before even becoming an idol
Tsubaki: If you don't, you'll end up incomplete like the producer over there, you know?
Seiya: Eh....The producer?
Producer: R-Rindo-kun!!!
Tsubaki: Haha! I'm sorry I'm sorry! You're just that type of woman I end up teasing without thinking
Producer: You're really bothersome...
Seiya: ............
Tsubaki: Oh, everyone became silent...well, it's my fault after all
Chapter 19-2 (8)
Toya: If you know it then why don't you choose the place and time better?
Chapter 19-2 (9)
Tsubaki: Don't lecture me...Since the atmosphere became gloomy because of me I better leave
Tsubaki: Seiya Aido!
Seiya: !?
Tsubaki: Even though I said such things I still have high expectations of you guys, you know? You'll surpass me by struggling a lot until you reach my position!
Producer: Good grief! He destroyed the good mood of the place...
Chapter 19-2 (10)
Kumakocho: He just brought life to the party~ He's you know, the wild type~
Producer: That's not called being wild or whatever...On the contrary, that was mean!
Kumakocho: Fufufu! But he's not wrong when he says that the world of show business is a harsh one~
Kumakocho: If you step into in without knowing anything you'll come across a lot of troubles, so that was a perfect occasion~
Kumakocho: I'll say an important announcement now!
Chapter 19-2 (11)
Kumakocho: YOU, will have to sell on the street at least 3000 copies of your disks in a month♪
Producer: ....3000 disks? In a month?
Producer: ................
Producer: What did you say!!

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