Chapter 19-3 (1)
Cameraman: Akira-kun, that pose is really great.
Akira: Thank you very much!
Cameraman: And Kanata-kun has a great expression too! It's as if Rabirabi is smiling together with you!
Chapter 19-3 (2)
Kanata: Ehehe~
Cameraman: Yep yep! It seems the jacket picture will turn out great!
Cameraman: Now, let's place Seiya-kun between you two! Seiya-kun, please move here~
Seiya: ..............
Chapter 19-3 (3)
Kanata: Seiya?....Seiya!
Seiya: ! Sorry! I didn't hear you....
Chapter 19-3 (4)
Akira: Seiya....Let's make a serious effort during work.
Seiya: You're right. Sorry! I'll go all out now!
Cameraman: "Now" is a bit late! But since it's you, I'll forgive you this time!
Seiya: Okay! Thank you!
Producer: ..........
Producer: (He's really worried about what Rindo-kun told him yesterday after all...)
Producer: (After the photographing finishes, I'll go check on him!)
Chapter 19-3 (5)
Seiya: Haa.
Seiya: (...Oh oh, I shouldn't sigh!)
Seiya: (.....Why did Tsubaki-san say those things to me?)
Seiya: (I want to become an idol just because of admiration? At the start, it really was because of Tsubaki-san, but even now I want to become one.)
Seiya: (What's my own solution...I do want to become an idol, but what type of idol do I want to be.....?)
Chapter 19-3 (6)
Seiya: Aah! I can only think of wanting to be a samurai idol!
Kanata: Wah!?
Chapter 19-3 (7)
Seiya: Uwah! Ka-Kanata....and Akira too!? How long have you two been here?
Akira: We've been in the same dressing room ever since we finished the photographing, right?
Seiya: Eeh!?
Chapter 19-3 (8)
Kanata: Geez! You're not good today! You even let out a sigh, and that's not like you at all...
Kanata: Even though you would get angry if I let out a sigh like that~
Seiya: I'm sorry Kanata! I'm not good at all in this state....
Kanata: Seiya....
Chapter 19-3 (9)
Akira: Seiya. If you want, you can tell us what's worrying you. It's because of what Rindo-san said yesterday, right?
Kanata: That's right. If anything happens, you have to talk with us!
Seiya: You two...Hehe, thanks!
Seiya: As Akira said, I was thinking about what Tsubaki-san told me yesterday.
Seiya: But, you know...I feel like this is an answer I have to reach by myself.
Seiya: That's why, I'm sorry. But you'll have to let me solve this by myself!
Chapter 19-3 (10)
Kanata: ....B-but!
Akira: Kanata. This is all Seiya will say. So let's just let him do what he wants.
Kanata: Akira-kun....
Seiya: Thank you very much, both of you! Having you two by my side is more reassuring than anything!
Seiya: Also, be sure to warn me if I space out at work again!
Akira: You should say that to yourself....
Chapter 19-3 (11)
Kanata: Haha! It's Seiya after all! Then for now, we will just look at the situation, Rabirabi.
Seiya: That way you said it, doesn't it look like you're talking about a kid?
Akira&Kanata: But aren't you a kid?
Seiya: ~~~! Leaving Akira aside, Kanata, you're younger than me!
Akira: But Kanata thinks more like an adult than you, right?
Kanata: Ehem♪
Chapter 19-3 (12)
Seiya: What's up with that~....Hahaha!
Producer: (..........)
Producer: (.....It seems my help wasn't needed. Those kids will be okay no matter what happens!)
Producer: (But actually, I have to guide Aido-kun at all costs....)
Producer: (I got hit by what Rindo-kun said to me too, after all.....)
Producer: (But, differently from me, Aido-kun has friends he can rely on. He can surely overcome this!)
Producer: (For now, I'll help him too. There needs to be people who look at him from afar.)

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