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Chapter 1-1 seiya
Seiya: So this is the place where I’ll be studying in!
Seiya: Even so, why is it built in a place far away from the city, and inside so many greens?
Seiya: Oh well, whatever with that!
Seiya: When I first got a letter from that Ailedore Company’s Company President, I was actually still “half in doubt”, but…
Seiya: I am really going to be an idol, huh!
Seiya: (The school managed by Ailedore, Etoile Vio School… from today on, I’m attending as a student of the third generation!)
Chapter 1-1 seiya2
???: Um~
Seiya: (In the first place, I didn’t have any will to become an idol, though… I just came because I adore Japanese culture.)
Seiya: (Even so—)
Chapter 1-1 seiya3
???: Uh, um~? He—llo!
Seiya: (After I met that person, my life changed so much. I will become an idol here, and catch up with them!)
Seiya: I’ll become the number one samurai idol!
???: UWAH?!
Seiya: Huh?
???: Ouch...
Seiya: Sorry! I didn’t notice you. Are you okay? Here, take my hand!
???: Y-yeah… Thank you! I’m fine, but are you okay too?
Seiya: Mm? Me?
???: Yeah. After all, you suddenly shouted that you’d become a samurai. Surprised, I fell along with Rabirabi.
Seiya: Rabirabi? Is it that rabbit doll?
???: Rabirabi is not a doll, he’s my friend!
Seiya: Is, is that so? You spoke of surprising things too, you know?
Seiya: But that’s cute!
Chapter 1-1 seiya4
???: Ehehe… He’s a really important friend to me.
*Hugs Rabirabi*
Seiya: By the way, we haven’t introduced ourselves, right?!
Seiya: I’m Aido Seiya. I’m entering the Etoile Vio School as a third generation student! Call me Seiya!
Kanata: I’m Minato Kanata. I’m also entering the Etoile Vio School as a third generation student.
Seiya: I see! Amazing, what are the odds!
Kanata: I’ve already thought so, that’s why I called out to you. Nice to meet you, Seiya!
Seiya: Yeah! A nice to meet you hug!
Chapter 1-1 this is so tiring
Kanata: Uwa!? Why did you suddenly hug me~?
Seiya: Because it's a greeting, of course!! Hehe!


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