Chapter 1-3 a
Seiya: What’s this! You’re nicer than you look, aren’t you!
Akira: Geez… you’re really a big-hearted person, aren’t you. Or, rather than that, you’re bold?
Akira: By the way, you guys entering this Etoile Vio School means that you’ll become an idol, right?
Seiya: Yeah! I came here to become a samurai idol!
Kanata: Samurai?
Akira: Samurai is... That samurai?
Seiya: Yeah! Cool, right!
Akira: Cool… I don’t know about that but, why samurai?
Seiya: It’s because the person I adore is cool like a samurai! I want to become like that person, that’s why I came here!
Akira: I see. Having an objective is a good thing, huh.
Seiya: Hehe! Kanata and Akira, why did you come here?
Akira: I originally worked as a model, but I want to try something different. So, I came to this company.
Seiya: Hee—. Akira’s tall and cool, so even if he continued his modelling work, he seems like he’ll become so popular. What a waste~…
Akira: Fufu. I want to make sure of my own power… Until where I can keep continuing… That kind of thing, you know?
Seiya: I see! Because looking up high is also a man’s yearning, huh!
Akira: Haha. I don’t think it’s the same as Seiya, but I also have something I’m thinking of.
Kanata: ...
Chapter 1-3 b
Seiya: Come to think of it, Kanata’s been quiet since earlier, huh?
Seiya: Does your stomach hurt?
Kanata: N-no, that’s not it, you know?
Kanata: It’s not that my stomach hurts… It’s just that I remembered something bad.
Seiya: If it’s okay then talk about it with us. If you do, you might feel refreshed, you know?
Kanata: Seiya… Thank you.
Kanata: Actually, I’m worried about the ‘becoming an idol’ thing.
Kanata: Long ago, I worked in this company as an iKids child actor.
Akira: Hee. Then, in this industry, Kanata is the senior, huh.
Seiya: Amazing, isn’t it! Then, tell us a lot of things about this industry!
Kanata: I’m not amazing at all. In that time, something bad happened. It was really bad, and it made me think of quitting…
Kanata: That’s why, I was really worried the moment I came here.
Kanata: Things like, "Is it ok if I, just like this, enter the Etoile Vio School?".
Akira: ...
Seiya: …Kanata!
Kanata:  ! Wh-what is it?
Seiya: …I don’t understand your feelings perfectly, but it’s because you haven’t given up that you’re here now, right?
Kanata: Eh?
Seiya: You unable to make up your mind means that you still have feelings of “wanting to be in this industry”, right!
Kanata: ...
Chapter 1-3 c
Seiya: If it’s so, then there’s nothing to hesitate, right? What you really want to do, say it.
Kanata: I… I actually don’t want to give up.
Kanata: I want to change my weak part, I want to sparkle brighter…
Kanata: Like Seiya, I want to live everyday happily with sparkly eyes, I want to change myself!
Seiya: Yeah! Then, let’s live everyday happily together, with me!
Seiya: I too, want to shine brightly like the person I admire. That’s why, let’s do our best together!
Seiya: Moreover, I got to meet Kanata and Akira because I came here.
Seiya: Meeting you guys like this, I’m really happy!
Kanata: ! Me too! I’m happy I got to meet Seiya!
Akira: Oops. I’ll be troubled if you forget about me, you know?
Chapter 1-3 d
Kanata: Wah wah!
Seiya: Uwa! Akira, so you didn't dislike hugs?
Akira: We’ve finally become good friends and deepened our bond, so isn’t the timing perfect?
Kanata: Yup! It’s perfect, Akira-kun!
Kanata: Rabirabi too, hug together!
Seiya: Haha! Just as I thought, I’m really happy meeting with Kanata and Akira!
Seiya: From now on too, let's get along! Kanata, Akira!
Kanata & Akira: Let's get along, Seiya!
Seiya: Well, since we’ve deepened our friendship, for now, let’s go in!
Seiya: Because I’m already tired of waiting for this day to come!


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