Note: During this chapter you will come across this: ☆~~~~~~~~~~~☆ That means that a timeskip happened in the story.

Chapter 20-1 (1)
First Day
Chapter 20-1 (2)
Seiya: Finally, the day to sell the CDs is here!
Akira: Yes. We have to sell 3000 disks in a we must sell at least 100 disks a day.
Kanata: We're...not that known, so will we be able to sell them all?
Seiya: It will be okay! We worked really hard to record our song, so they just need to listen to it one time, and they won't be able to forget it!
Kanata: .....Okay!
Seiya: (That's right. I can't keep being like this...What kind of idol do I want to become....Such a thing--)
Seiya: (Of course, I want to be a samurai idol like Tsubaki-san! I want to be like him!)
Seiya: (That's why, I'll give it my all so that those feelings will reach everyone!)
Chapter 20-1 (3)
Akira: ....Seiya?
Seiya: (I'm not wrong....I'm definitely not wrong....)
Akira: Seiya!
Seiya: !
Akira: You were spacing out again. Are you okay?
Seiya: Ah, sorry! It's okay! I'm concentrated!
Chapter 20-1 (4)
Akira&Kanata: ............
Seiya: Alright, let's start!
Chapter 20-1 (5)
Seiya: ................
Kanata: ......We didn't sell at all.
Akira: We sold only 20 disks....the situation is harder than we expected.
Akira: We can't continue like this and just stop the customers by calling out to them. We need to insert some kind of performance.
Seiya: (Everyone turned their heads toward us, but they didn't stop walking. How can we make them look more at us...)
Seiya: (Is it because my feelings are weak? Is it because, as Tsubaki-san said, I still don't know how strict the so-called world of show business is?)
Kanata: .....Seiya.
Seiya: (This isn't good! If I keep thinking like this, it will get passed onto Akira and Kanata too!)
Chapter 20-1 (6)
Seiya: It's fine! We still have 29 more days! Let's work harder tomorrow to improve on what we did badly today!
Kanata: Okay. But Seiya...You shouldn't overdo it, ok?
Seiya: Hehe. Thanks, Kanata!
Seiya: (That's right....There are still 29 days left...)
Chapter 20-1 (7)
Fifth Day
Chapter 20-1 (8)
Seiya: Everyone! We, F∞F, are in the middle of selling our CDs! If you'd like, come and have a look!
Woman passing by: Hee...That's a nice song.
Seiya: Isn't it! If you'd like, have one--
Woman passing by: Uh~~m...I'll pass again tomorrow so I'll remember, ok?
Seiya: Ah...
Kanata: ....This was all for today.
Akira: We sold 250 disks in 5 days...It's really getting more difficult to catch up...
Chapter 20-1 (9)
Seiya: (We have to sell the CDs at all costs...But I haven't sold at all compared to Akira and Kanata....)
Seiya: (The things that Tsubaki-san said keep going around in circles in my head...)
Seiya: (The difficulties of the world of show business...)
Kanata: Akira-kun, I may have a small idea.
Akira: Ok. Tell us, Kanata.
Seiya: (I see....Akira and Kanata know how hard the world of show business is. So it was that difficult...)
Seiya: (I...I went and told them this and that without knowing anything, but they still went along with it...)
Seiya: (I have to advance and be able to go along with the difficulty of this world....that way I'll be able to accept Tsubaki-san's words--)
Seiya: (Eh? My vision is getting blurry...)
Kanata: .......ya?
Seiya: (Kanata.....? I don't understand...what he's.....saying...)
Chapter 20-1 (10)
Akira: ~~~~!!!
Seiya: (Eh? I don't feel my body at all.....Kanata.....Akira....)
Chapter 20-1 (11)
Seiya: (I'

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