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Chapter 20-2 (1)
Seiya: .....Where am I?
???: Did you wake up, Seiya?
Chapter 20-2 (2)
Seiya: ....Noah?
Noah: Oh oh, getting up suddenly like this isn't good for your body. Come on, drink this water.
Seiya: N....
Seiya: Haa....Why am I in this place?
Chapter 20-2 (3)
Noah: Did you forget it? You fainted after selling the CD's
Seiya: CD....Right! What about Kanata and Akira?!
Noah: If the sales dropped even one day it would become critical, so they can't take breaks, right?
Noah: So right now they're in the middle of working really hard to complete the mission.
Seiya: I see...Eh? But, Noah, shouldn't you be selling CD's too? Why are you here....
Chapter 20-2 (4)
Noah: Fufu. That's a nice question. I got a SOS from Akira that you collapsed and needed help at all costs.
Noah: The producer is hurrying up to come here. So I'm her replacement until she arrives.
Noah: You were lucky I was near, Seiya
Seiya: I'm got dragged in this too...Leon and the others must be in four now selling the CD's
Noah: Yeah. That's quite troublesome. You have a big debt towards me now so be prepared.
Seiya: Of course. I'll definitely pay it back! That's why you can go back. I have to go back too...
Noah: Wait a moment! With such condition you will end up only being a burden
Seiya: !
Chapter 20-2 (5)
Noah: If you don't want to trouble us more than this, then let's talk about what's worrying you
Seiya: H-how did you know I was worried about something?
Noah: Everyone could see it. You're too easy to read.
Seiya: No....this is something I have to solve by myse--
Noah: I won't get a No for answer....You understand what I'm saying, right?
Noah: Your head overheated and you collapsed because you started thinking too much right?
Seiya: (Uuu...I got found out...)
Noah: If it's about the CD selling, then you must have been thinking about what Tsubaki told you...
Noah: In the past, when you were about to transfer to Japan, you didn't know which to choose between parting from me, or staying in America and parting from your family.
Noah: And in that case too, your head overheated and you collapsed. You didn't change at all from the past regarding that...
Chapter 20-2 (6)
Seiya: Damn.......I'm no match for you am I
Noah: Fufu. No need to say such an obvious thing at this point
Noah: Come on, won't you talk to your childhood friend? If you don't I won't let you go to where Akira and Kanata are!
Seiya: ........I got it. Truth is----
Chapter 20-2 (7)
Noah: I see. You were troubled about why you became an idol after what Tsubaki told you, right?
Seiya: ...When I first saw Tsubaki-san I thought "I want to be a samurai idol"
Seiya: So Tsubaki-san really was the reason why I wanted to become an idol.
Seiya: But, after what Tsubaki-san said to me, I was wondering if I really wanted to become and idol just out of admiration...
Seiya: The idea that I had to find the answers by myself kept going in circles in my head....
Seiya And then the CD sales were going particular I was the one that sold the less so I was thinking what to do about it---
Noah: And then you fainted
Chapter 20-2 (8)
Seiya: Yeah....Say, Noah. What do you think I should do?
Seiya: I don't want to keep being a trouble to Akira and Kanata!
Noah: Seiya....You are----
Noah: A real idiot
Seiya: ....Eh?!

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