Chapter 20-3 (1)
Seiya: Wha-?! Why are you calling me an idiot when I'm this troubled by stuff!
Noah: You don't want to be a trouble to your friends? It's exactly that way of thinking that's troublesome, and what's more---
Chapter 20-3 (2)
Noah: It hurts, right?
Seiya: !
Noah: You must have felt hurt too, when Akira or Kanata didn't talk to you about what was troubling them....
Noah: We, I♥B, had different things troubling us too, until we formed the group.
Noah: But even so, we solved them because we were together, and we managed to arrive here.
Chapter 20-3 (3)
Seiya: So it was like that...I kept saying that I had to solve it alone....
Seiya: But Akira and Kanata had the answer for me....but they still felt hurt because of me.
Seiya: And they're working more for my part too...I have to apologise to them!
Noah: You have to. Also---
Noah: I think what Tsubaki said was pretty correct, you know?
Seiya: ....That my concepts and ideas are hollow?
Chapter 20-3 (4)
Noah: No. Tsubaki's words were harsh but....if we put it in other words, he probably was telling you to look more at yourself, right?
Seiya: Look at myself....
Noah: You're a really charming person, so just following someone you admire is such a waste. Your potential is higher than that.
Seiya: Noah....
Noah: When we were young and you would come and drag me outside, it felt as if you were like those heroes that appear on TV.
Noah: When I met you after that long, the image of hero I had since I was young had changed.
Noah: I thought that usually heroes would be people that fight alone.
Noah: But the hero that I met wasn't alone at all.
Noah: Rely more on your friends. Have more faith in yourself. You're "the hero that's not alone."
Seiya: !?
Chapter 20-3 (5)
Tsubaki: Your idea isn't complete...It's just a hollow target.
Seiya: Y-you're wrong! That's not it!
Tsubaki: I'm not wrong! You have to discover your own individuality!
Chapter 20-3 (6)
Seiya: I see....Tsubaki-san was telling me to find my own weapons...
Noah: YES! I'm sure that's what he meant.
Seiya: ~~~! Thank you, Noah!
Chapter 20-3 (7)
Noah: Oops...That part of you where you would hug people if you were happy hasn't changed at all either.
Seiya: Yeah! What my best friend Noah says really is different from the others!
Noah: Fufu. But more importantly, you're better now, right? You have to hurry and go to where Akira and Kanata are.
Noah: I have to go back to where my friends are, too.
Seiya: Ok! Then, I'm going!
Producer: .......
Chapter 20-3 (8)
Seiya: Ah, producer!
Producer: I heard that you collapsed, but it seems you're okay now.
Producer: Aido-kun......
Producer: I think the situation is still a bit difficult, but I'm sure the third generation will be able to accomplish the task!
Producer: have all these amazing friends! That's why--
Producer: Have a nice trip!
Seiya: Yeah! I'm going!!
Chapter 20-3 (9)
Seiya: Akira! Kanata!
Kanata: ! Seiya!!
Akira: Seiya? Is your body better now?
Chapter 20-3 (10)
Seiya: Yes, I'm fine now! But more importantly...That was my fault! I'm sorry, Akira, Kanata!
Seiya: I thought that I had to hurry up and find the answer to what Tsubaki-san said to me by myself.
Seiya: And since I was hurrying like that, my head overheated and I collapsed.....
Seiya: And I ended up leaving the work to you two...I'm sorry for causing all those problems!
Chapter 20-3 (11)
Kanata: Seiya, there's no need for you to apologise. It's obvious for friends help each other if anything happens.
Kanata: You have helped us too, so it's only natural for us to repay you! Right, Akira-kun!
Akira: Kanata is right. We're friends, so talking out our problems with each other is okay.
Akira: And also, what Kanata and I want to hear are not your apologies, right?
Seiya: ! Hehe....Thank you! Akira! Kanata!
Kanata: Yep!
Chapter 20-3 (12)
Akira: But more importantly, today our sales increased. We managed to sell 500 disks today!
Seiya: Eeh! How the hell did you do it!?
Kanata: Ehehe....You know---

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