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Chapter 21-1 (1)
Tsubaki: Toya, make some tea
Toya: I'm boiling the water right now so wait just a bit more
Tsubaki: Yeah, I'm counting on you. Your tea is the tastiest after all
Tsubaki: Fufu~n♪
Toya: Fufu. You seem to be in a good mood
Tsubaki: Of course I am! That's cause we got more interesting juniors this year too!
Toya: ...I don't think that way of enjoyment is good
Chapter 21-1 (2)
Tsubaki: Oi oi...You're not my attendant anymore, and we're in the same position, so don't give me sermons
Toya: If you changed that attitude of yours then I wouldn't give you sermons
Chapter 21-1 (3)
Tsubaki: Yeah yeah...
Toya: I finished the tea
Tsubaki: Oh, thanks....But why are there 5 teacups?
Toya: That's because they are about to come back
*door opens*
Chapter 21-1 (4)
Tatsumi: Haa~ Why, out of all people, did I have to attend a long interview with Aoi!
Aoi: That should be my line. I was struggling so much to match your childish answers that I got tired
Tatsumi: Who did you call childish!? You were a problem too, only putting on airs! Even the reporter was troubled during the conversation because of you!
Producer: Both of you, stop talking like that!
Chapter 21-1 (5)
Tsubaki: Haha~n... I see. Since those two had an interview together she had to constantly look over them
Toya: It's because usually all four of us would be called. You three, thank you for the hard work
Aoi: Ah, tea prepared by Toya. That's a really great timing
Chapter 21-1 (6)
Tatsumi: Is it still hot?
Toya: It is. If you let it cool down just a bit before drinking it I think it would be perfect for you.
Producer: Did you perhaps prepare some for me too, Honoki-kun?
Toya: Of course I did. You go through a lot of troubles too. I'm really sorry, we're always causing troubles for you....
Producer: That's something of the job so don't worry. But those two didn't match for the questions regarding their private life--
Producer: While for questions regarding their job their chemistry was perfect so there was no problem.
Tsubaki: You two...Decide it once and for all if your friendship is good or bad
Chapter 21-1 (7)
Tatsumi&Aoi: It's bad!
Producer: Ahaha...I'm sorry to leave when you just prepared the tea but I have some other work so I need to go
Chapter 21-1 (8)
Toya: Wouldn't it be better to take a rest for a bit more before working again?
Producer: I would like to do so, but I'm worried about the third generation's state...
Tsubaki: Third generation...that means you're going to where Seiya is, right?
Producer: Yes....Rindo-kun, are you perhaps worried?
Tsubaki: Yeah! I want to know how he's doing after what I said to him!
Producer: Aido-kun got really troubled by it...
Tsubaki: Haha! I said those words exactly so that he could start thinking! It wouldn't have made sense if he didn't get troubled by it
Producer: That's not something to laugh at....But, thanks to you he is definitely making progress in the road to becoming an idol.
Chapter 21-1 (9)
Aoi: Hee...It's strange for you to favor someone like that
Producer: I'm not favoring anyone. I am just saying the truth.
Producer: And it's not only Aido-kun. All the kids from this generation are excellent
Tsubaki: ...Interesting! It's decided! I'm going to look too!
Tatsumi: But we just came back from work?
Tsubaki: If you don't want you can stay here
Tatsumi: Tch...Staying alone would be boring, so I don't have any other choice but to follow....
Aoi: It's just that you get lonely if you're alone right?
Tatsumi: That's not it!
Chapter 21-1 (10)
Toya: Come on you two....don't fight. I'll tidy things up here so you guys can go on ahead
Tsubaki: Okay. Then let's go Producer
Producer: Yes. I'll show you where Aido-kun is
Producer: Today they were supposed to do it around this area...
Chapter 21-1 (11)
Toya: Eh? Isn't something happening in that square?
Tatsumi: You're right...I wonder what it is? Let's go have a look!
Kanata: Everyone! Thank you for coming here today! The last song will be sang by all of us!
Chapter 21-1 (12)
Akira: Come on, everyone, gather here!
Chapter 21-1 (13)
Adam: Ya--y! Let's dance and have fun together~
Chapter 21-1 (14)
Enju: Come on Noeru, hurry up and come here too!
Chapter 21-1 (15)
Noeru: ....Okay
Chapter 21-1 (16)
Akari: Noeru-chan. let's hold hands together and dance!
Noeru: ....Okay!
Enju: A'right! Seiya-niichan! We are ready!
Chapter 21-1 (17)
Seiya: Okay! Everyone! Make sure to have fun!
Chapter 21-1 (18)
Aoi: What, is this...
Woman passing by: So cute! Are the kids idols too?
Man passing by: Those kids still can't be called idols, right.
Woman passing by: You're right...That said, those three people there have been singing all the time lately, haven't they?
Man passing by: You're right. Usually I would pass by and ignore them, but now that I listen better this song is really nice!
Toya: I see. So they first start by attracting the attention of the audience with the IKids.
Tatsumi: It certainly is important to attract the attention of the others. But, just that isn't enough.
Aoi: You can attract their attention, but if the song isn't good they won't get charmed. However---
Chapter 21-1 (19)
Tsubaki: The audience right now is going crazy about them!
Producer: I was surprised too when I first heard of it, but with the IKids being there the audience stops, since it's something new that they're not used to see.
Tsubaki: Fu....Hahaha! Interesting! Getting the surroundings drawn in like this isn't an usual concept for us!
Producer: Isn't it. With this you understand right? The third generation of this year is an excellent one!
Tsubaki: Rather than excellent, I would call them interesting!
Producer: That' may be right!

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