Chapter 21-2 (1)
Akira: We sold 2500 CDs in 25 days. The possibility that we might sell all the other CDs in five days isn't zero if we give it our all from now on!
Kanata: The next days will be crucial!
Seiya: Alriiight! I'll give it my all during the remaining days, too!
Chapter 21-2 (2)
Tsubaki: Yo! You're working hard, aren't you?
Seiya: Tsubaki-san! Producer! Did you come to see us?
Tsubaki: Yeah! Your group's live was incredible!
Producer: You did a great job, Aido-kun!
Seiya: Really!? I'm so happy for the praises!
Tsubaki: By the way...whose idea was that of getting the IKids' support?
Seiya: That was Kanata's idea! Come on, Kanata!
Chapter 21-2 (3)
Kanata: Yep! I was an IKid in the past, and I thought that it would've made me really happy if I was given the chance to perform like this....
Kanata: And since that's an unusual thing, I thought it would surely attract the attention of the audience.
Akari: Aka-chan had a lot of fun!
Chapter 21-2 (4)
Enju: Yeah! I stood out too and had lots of fun!
Akira: So yeah, the kids giving us support like this helped a lot.
Adam: Seiya. Adam wants to dance more!
Chapter 21-2 (5)
Seiya: I see! Then, let's dance together tomorrow, too! Will you give us your support again?
Adam: Yes! Adam will dance more~!
Noeru: ...................
Seiya: Noeru, will you help us tomorrow, too?
Noeru: ! Y-yes! I want to dance tomorrow, too!
Seiya: Hehe! It's a promise!
Noeru: Yes, a promise♪
Tsubaki: ....It seems you somehow found your individuality.
Seiya: My individuality?
Chapter 21-2 (6)
Tsubaki: You said you wanted to become like me but, I'm originally the type that tells everyone to follow him, except the ones I've acknowledged.
Tsubaki: At the time when I first met you, I thought I could do anything by myself, so I did a solo live.
Producer: That was actually an order from the president, kind of like "do a live alone and experience the difficulties of it by yourself"....
Seiya: It was like that!? So, to Tsubaki-san, that live was a trial like how it is for us now...
Chapter 21-2 (7)
Toya: The Tsubaki of that time was the type to ignore his teammates and go by his own speed.
Aoi: Yes, yes. The Tsubaki of that time couldn't be helped....
Tatsumi: He was quite the type to rush things... But, now we stand by his side and are idiots together with him!
Tsubaki: Well, at that time I was youthful and indiscrete, so I had a shameful side, too.
Chapter 21-2 (8)
Tsubaki: But thanks to my friends, the president, and you being there, I finally noticed it.
Seiya: Your own personality... No, the meaning of being an idol?
Tsubaki: That's right. Seiya, you're the type that grows by drawing in others.
Tsubaki: Such a guy shouldn't just be following my back. You might as well try to draw me in with that passion, too.
Tsubaki: Don't you feel it by yourself that that's the best way to bring out your individuality?
Seiya: Yeah! Noah told me that I'm "the hero that's not alone."
Seiya: That's why, I'll draw in the others...and by doing so I'll definitely make everyone smile!
Seiya: The "samurai idol" that I admired to be was one that could make everyone smile! That's why, Tsubaki-san--
Seiya: I'll stop chasing your back! From now on, I'll stand near you and draw you in aplenty, so be prepared!
Chapter 21-2 (9)
Tsubaki: Yeah! Don't you have the intention of surpassing me, instead of staying near me so persistently?
Seiya: For now, I don't plan on surpassing you! On the contrary, I want to do something together by standing by your side!
Producer:'re really honest, Aido-kun.
Tsubaki: Kukuku! Very interesting! But, you still don't have the competition coming from an idol...
Tsubaki: But, for now it might be okay for you....
Chapter 21-2 (10)
Seiya: Alright! Kanata, Akira! IKids! Let's stand strong!
Seiya: I'm counting on your cooperation tomorrow, too!
Everyone: Yes!

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