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Last Day--
Chapter 21-3 (1)
Woman passing by: That was really great! I'm buying a CD
Seiya: Thank you for buying it!
Woman passing by: I'll cheer you guys on so good luck!
Akira: ...With this there are still 5 disks left to sell
Kanata: But there are only 5 minutes left...And that's the time needed to sing one song...
Chapter 21-3 (2)
Seiya: It's fine Kanata! Let's sing with our all in this little time left!
Seiya: Who knows, a miracle may happen!
Kanata: Seiya...Yes, I won't give up!
Akira: You're right, let's sing our song until the end!
Seiya: Then, this is the last song! Everyone, please listen to it!
Chapter 21-3 (3)
Akira: ...The song finished huh
Kanata: Yes....but, I sang until the end without giving up, so I don't have regrets
Seiya: Right! We didn't sell all the CD's in the end, but singing together with you guys until the end made me---
Chapter 21-3 (4)
Kokoro: Good grief...You guys always do everything at the last minute
Seiya: Kokoro? What happened that you're here?
Kokoro: Nothing happened....Isn't it obvious that I came to check that you guys didn't lose hope since I'm your senior?
Seiya: We didn't lose hope! Until the end we kept--
Chapter 21-3 (5)
Kokoro: What are you saying? There's still a minute left right? ....Come on, give it to me.
Seiya: ....What should I give you?
Akira: Seiya. Hanabusa is saying that he's buying a CD
Seiya: EEH?! Kokoro, for real!?
Kokoro: It-it's not like I liked your song or anything! I'm just paying you back for helping me that time!
Chapter 21-3 (6)
Kanata: Thank you Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: I already told you that I don't need thanks!
Chapter 21-3 (7)
Bloody Master: Fu...Siren is an obstinate one. That is why human children are foolish
Seiya: Bloody Master!
Bloody Master: Were you the ones that called forth to me...No, it was the magical stone confined in your soul that called forth to me....
Seiya: Ma...gical stone? There's nothing like that here---
Chapter 21-3 (8)
Akira: *sigh*....Seiya. Eva-kun is probably saying that he wants to buy a CD
Seiya: Huh? Then you should've said so from the beginning
Bloody Master: B-be silent! Hurry up and hand over that magical stone to me!
Seiya: I'm happy you're bying it, but why--
Bloody Master: Fuh. This is also to create an opportunity for me to take Crimson Angel. I do not need your thanks...
Seiya: You still didn't give up on Kanata!? We won't hand him over to you!
Chapter 21-3 (9)
Kanata: Se-Seiya. He bought it so it's fine. Eva-kun, thank you!
Bloody Master: Fu. Then I shall make this a debt and---
Chapter 21-3 (10)
Issei: Are you an idiot? That thing can't be called a debt can it?
Seiya: Issei too...Was there a second generation meeting?
Chapter 21-3 (11)
Issei: There's no way such thing can happen! Come on, I'm buying it in the name of our senior-junior relationship so hurry up and hand it over....
Seiya: You're buying it too....why is everyone going this far...
Issei: Don't misunderstand. I just get fired up if I have more opponents
Issei: So now, if you guys aren't here anymore it doesn't feel right. That's why I won't forgive it if you got deleted!
Chapter 21-3 (12)
Tsubaki: Haha! Issei, you're not honest at all, are you?
Issei: Geh!? Tsubaki....
Tsubaki: Aw man~ Yesterday I totally forgot to buy a CD
Tsubaki: Forgetting to buy our cute junior's CD, I'm really a terrible senior. Right, Issei?
Chapter 21-3 (13)
Issei: What's cute about those guys....
Producer: I think you should be more honest, Todoroki-kun
Chapter 21-3 (14)
Issei: Even you now...I already told you guys that I only speak the truth
Producer: Yes yes....Aido-kun, will you give one to me too?
Seiya: Producer....Of course!
Chapter 21-3 (15)
Akira: ...With this we sold 5 CD's....which means---
Kanata: We managed to sell the 3000 CD's!
Seiya: ~~~ Great! Kanata, Akira! We did it!!
Producer: Congratulations, Aido-kun, Minato-kun, Mitsurugi-kun. With this you cleared your mission!
Seiya: Yeah! Producer, Kokoro, Bloody Master, Issei....and Tsubaki-san!
Seiya: Thank much!

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