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Chapter 22-1 (1)
Seiya: ...We were selling CD's here until yesterday
Seiya: (It feels like a dream that we managed to sell 3000 CD's...)
Seiya: (The street live, the recording, the CD selling....We experienced a lot of things)
Seiya: (And I also made friends with the second and first generations)
Seiya: (What funny things are waiting for us after this...)
Seiya: Ah~~ I'm excited even now!
Chapter 22-1 (2)
Seiya: Ah! That reminds me, I still haven't thanked Noah!
Seiya: (If it wasn't for Noah being there that time, I wouldn't have advanced forward)
Seiya: (Right! Let's go to buy him a thank you gift!)
Seiya: (And I also want to know how Noah managed to sell all the CD's, so after choosing a gift I'll call him and---)
Chapter 22-1 (3)
Seiya: Eh? The one over there is...
Chapter 22-1 (4)
Seiya: Kokoro....? Why is he there? I wonder who the girls are walking together with him?
Seiya: Still, Kokoro....He really had friends!
Seiya: I can't stay like this! I have to greet Kokoro's friends too!
Chapter 22-1 (5)
Kokoro: Momo! Your walking posture is bad! Pay more attention
Momosuke: Fueeh! I'm sorry~ I'm still not used to these clothes...
Runa: You'll get used to them little by little so it's okay
Momosuke: Yep! I'll work hard!
Kokoro: Mo~mo~!
Chapter 22-1 (6)
Momosuke: Awawa! I won't use "boku" but Momo so don't get angry Kokoro-chan! [1]
Kokoro: You're really a good for nothing if I'm not with you~
Runa: You say it like it's something troublesome, but you're actually happy about it
Kokoro: I-I'm not happy or anything! I just...
Kokoro: I just thought that the time spent walking together like this with someone isn't bad....
Momosuke: Hehe. That part of you is really cute♪
Kokoro: ....You're impertinent! After this I'll make you wear lo--ts of cute clothes!
Momosuke: Eeh!? Noo~ Runa-chan save me~
Runa: Since the plans were for me to be dressed by Kokoro too, if you end up being the victim then the damage towards me may decrease...
Momosuke: Don't abandon me~!
Chapter 22-1 (7)
Kokoro: Pff! Ahaha! Come on Momo, you don't need to be that afraid--
Chapter 22-1 (8)
Seiya: Incredible! You're smiling so much!
Kokoro: What do you mean? I like smiling a lot so smiling like this is--Wah!?
Chapter 22-1 (9)
Momosuke&Runa: Who are you!?
Chapter 22-1 (10)
Seiya: Yo!
Kokoro: Don't "yo!" me! Where the hell did you come out from!?
Seiya: Don't treat others like insects~ I just saw you walking with your friends and came here following you!
Kokoro: That's not something to be proud of! Geez, what's up with you!
Chapter 22-1 (11)
Runa: Kokoro, who is this person?
Seiya: Oh! Sorry for the late introduction! I'm Seiya Aido! Nice to meet you!


  1. A little explanation. People may have noticed the usual "" that Momosuke has on some of his lines. That's because he refers to himself with 僕(boku), but that's a masculine way to refer to oneself. The same happened here. Momosuke used the boku and Kokoro corrected him. When he says he'll use "Momo", it's because refering to yourself with your name(or shortened name in this case) is something girls use for a "cutesy" effect. The reason why Kokoro never corrects Runa is because Runa uses 私(watashi) which is a neutral pronoun used by both boys and girls(although it's more popular with girls)

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