Chapter 22-2 (1)
Runa: Ah! You're the "Seiya Aido" Kokoro talked about!
Chapter 22-2 (2)
Momosuke: So, you're the one Kokoro-chan always talks about!
Seiya: What's this, Kokoro? So, you've been talking a lot about me?
Kokoro: You're wrong! It's just, there were a lot of cases where we ended up talking about you, sometimes...
Seiya: You don't have to be that shy.
Kokoro: I'm not shy!
Seiya: Hehe! But more importantly, introduce your friends to me! I got surprised earlier since I found out you have friends, too!
Kokoro: ....Do you realize you said something rude without thinking? ....Well, fine.
Kokoro: Come on you two. Introduce yourselves.
Chapter 22-2 (3)
Runa: I'm Runa Kagurazaka. I've been living in the same neighbourhood as Kokoro ever since we were young, so we're so-called childhood friends.
Momosuke: I'm...Momo O-Oikawa....
Seiya: Hm? Sorry. Your voice is so quiet that I didn't hear it! Can you say it once more?
Momosuke: ....Momo Oikawa.
Seiya: So you're called Momo! And then Runa!
Chapter 22-2 (4)
Kokoro: Those two are my friends! Didn't I tell you before? I have one or two friends, too!
Seiya: You really do! I happened to see you by chance, but what did you come here for?
Kokoro: Isn't it obvious that we're here for shopping?
Momosuke: Ehm....Momo stll isn't used to wearing skirts, so Kokoro-chan is choosing clothes that would suit me.
Momosuke: I decided that from now on I'll work hard together with Kokoro-chan, so I have to become accustomed to skirts!
Seiya: Heee! But you looked like the type to wear skirts. Do you usually wear trousers?
Momosuke: Of course~ That's because we're--
Chapter 22-2 (5)
Runa: You can't say it yet, Momo. That's still a secret, right?
Momosuke: Ah! You're right!
Seiya: Hm? What happened?
Chapter 22-2 (6)
Kokoro: You'll surely be really surprised tomorrow, so until then it's a SE-C-RET♪
Seiya: Eeh~... What's up with that, at least tell me just a bit!
Kokoro: Time's up~! We're going to have fun with shopping now.
Kokoro: You have something to do, too, if you're strolling around town, right?
Chapter 22-2 (7)
Seiya: Ah! Right! I thought about buying a thank you gift!
Kokoro: If so, then we part here. Look forward to tomorrow~.
Chapter 22-2 (8)
Runa: Fufu. Well then...
Momosuke: Seiya-kun, see you later~!
Seiya: ....I wonder what their secret is? Anyways, since I'm at the shopping mall, let's go buy a gift for Noah.
Seiya: But I'm glad...Kokoro really had friends!

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