Chapter 22-3 (1)
Seiya: Aah! What Kokoro said yesterday has been on my mind all the time!
Noah: You've been talking about that yesterday all the time, too.
Chapter 22-3 (2)
Leon: Anyways, that's unfair! I'm so envious! You got to meet Kokoro-chan on a day off!
Seiya: Even if you say you're envious, I just happened to meet him in town by chance, you know?
Leon: But I'm still envious~!
Chapter 22-3 (3)
Shiki: More importantly, is it true that there were two cute girls together with Kokoro-san?
Seiya: Yes. You two would've probably liked them!
Chapter 22-3 (4)
Leon: Uwaaa! I'm getting even more envious! If they're Kokoro's friends, then they're bound to be cuties!
Shiki: But, they may be crossdressers like Kokoro-san too, you know?
Leon: Hahaha! There's no way there can be that many crossdressers! Right, Seiya?
Seiya: Right! They looked like normal girls to me! But, I can't understand if they're crossdressers or not if I don't hug them...
Shiki: I don't know how that method works but...are they really just girls?
*door opens*
Producer: Everyone, sorry for the wait. Today I have some people I want to introduce to everyone, so please take your seats.
Producer: You can enter.
???: Yes!
Chapter 22-3 (5)
???: Ha, hawawa....
Chapter 22-3 (6)
Seiya: Ah!!! Those are the girls from yesterday!
Leon: Uwoo! They're so cute! Kokoro's friends sure are of a high level!
Producer: Aido-kun, Leon-kun. Please be quiet. ....Well then, introduce yourselves.
Chapter 22-3 (7)
Runa: I'm Runa Kagurazaka.
Momosuke: I-I'm Momosuke Oikawa....[1]
Runa: Momosuke...if you say "boku", Kokoro will get angry, right?
Chapter 22-3 (8)
Momosuke: Aah!, don't call Momo with Momosuke, please~![2]
Runa: You shouldn't make a mistake like that, you know?
Chapter 22-3 (9)
Seiya: Momosuke? Does that mean---
Producer: As you guessed, those kids are crossdressers like Hanabusa-san.
Chapter 22-3 (10)
Leon: They're boys!?
Shiki: Ahaha. It's the same development that happened with Kokoro-san!
Producer: (It seems everyone is surprised by it... It's not impossible is it? ....I wonder what the others think?)
Chapter 22-3 (11)
Look at your right
Look in the middle
Look at your left


  1. Here Momosuke drops the "Momo" speech and talks with "boku"
  2. And here again Momosuke starts the sentence with "boku", only to correct himself and start talking with "momo"

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