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Kokoro: Momo, you're a bit late on the hook part
Chapter 23-1 (1)
Momosuke: Eeh?! Really? Ehm, 1, 2, 3, 4...
Kokoro: Wrong! You have to tap your foot at the 4. I think you're late because you step too weakly with the foot
Kokoro: Before starting the dance try to correct your balance on it
Chapter 23-1 (2)
Momosuke: Okay! 1, 2, 3, 4....Ah, I did it!
Kokoro: This is just the basic, so be sure to work harder
Runa: ....Fufu
Kokoro: Hm? Is there something strange, Runa?
Runa: No...I was just really pleased to see that you've grown to this nice kid that takes care of others, knowing how you were back then.
Kokoro: Wha-!? I was good at taking care of others even then
Chapter 23-1 (3)
Runa: Were you like that? But in the past you looked like you were a kid that stayed only by himself.....
Kokoro: What's with you hate the current me?
Runa: No....On the contrary, I think now you've become a very likeable person
Kokoro: ....I've thought this since the past but, you're a really unpleasant person, you know?
Chapter 23-1 (4)
Runa: Fufu....Did you understand such an obvious thing only now? Please continue knowing more about me like that♪
Kokoro: ....God, talking with you feels like you're dodging everything
Momosuke: Th-this isn't a fight, right? This is part of communicating, right?
Producer: Don't worry, Oikawa-san. It seems Hanabusa-san is just hiding his embarrassment
Kokoro: P-Producer! What are you saying! Geez!
Producer: Ahaha, I'm sorry? How is your lesson going?
Momosuke: I'm sorry....Since Momo gets in the way of everyone we still don't match....
Chapter 23-1 (5)
Runa: I still have a lot of things that I need to learn from Kokoro and the teacher. At this point I will end up being a hindrance too......
Producer: This is just the first day. Let's work hard for the day of the performance!
Chapter 23-1 (6)
Runa&Momosuke: Yes!
Producer: Hanabusa-san....Can you come with me for a moment?
Kokoro: Hm?
Producer: It's about the debut live. Are you---
Chapter 23-1 (7)
Kokoro: STOP! I kind of understand what you want to say
Kokoro: I'm a senior compared to them, so it's obvious that during the performance I'll back them up
Kokoro: I selfishly dragged them here to begin with so...
Producer: I see....So I don't need to tell you anything since you're thinking about everything by yourself
Producer: But you know, I don't think Kagurazaka-san or Oikawa-san are just putting up with your selfishness
Producer: You might be the reason for it, but coming here isn't an ordinary resolution
Producer: That's why you shouldn't take all the responsibility by yourself. There will come a time when you will get helped by them too
Producer: That's why, don't strain yourself, okay? Just think about having fun and dancing with them
Producer: And then, make all the guests present at the live happy!
Chapter 23-1 (8)
Kokoro: Producer....!
Kokoro: Of course! When it comes to this Kokoro-chan everyone kneels down!
Kokoro: I finally got teammates! It doesn't make sense if we're not having fun together!
Producer: Yes! Your confident side finally returned! I'll help you whenever something happens so you can always rely on me
Kokoro: Yes....Producer, Thank you!

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