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Seiya: I'm looking forward to Kokoro's group live~!
Chapter 23-2 (1)
Kanata: Yep! I'm looking forward to it a lot too♪
Akira: Seiya, Kanata....We were invited here as authorized personnel, so we shouldn't stand out, right?
Kanata: Yeees
Seiya: Gu~ I can't stand still!
Akira: (I have to keep watch on Seiya or else he's no good...)
Seiya: Ooh! It started!!!
Chapter 23-2 (2)
Kokoro: Everyone~ Sorry for the wait! You're ready to kneel in front of cutie Kokoro?
Kokoro's Fan: We are!!!
Kokoro: Alllright! Then let's go! Kneel down for Kokoro!
Kokoro's Fans&Seiya: As you order!!
Kokoro: OKAY! Then, let's have fun together♪
Chapter 23-2 (3)
Seiya&Kanata: L・O・V・E!KO・KO・RO~!
Akira: You two are really in high spirits...
Seiya: 'Cause it's super fun! Today Kokoro is in a perfect form and the feeling that he's having fun is passed to us too!
Kanata: That's nice~ I should think of a personal introduction line like Kokoro-chan too
Seiya: Oh! That would be nice! I'm gonna think of something too
Akira: Ahaha...That's nice too, but for now let's have fun on Hanabusa's live
Seiya: You're right!
Seiya: (Show us more funny things, Kokoro!)
Chapter 23-2 (4)
Kokoro: Everyoneee! Thank you for having fun for me!
Kokoro: Kokoro has an important announcement for everyone now!
Kokoro's Fan Eh? I wonder what is it...Has Kokoro been chosen as leading role in some drama?
Kokoro's Fan: Is Kokoro perhaps quitting as an idol?
Kokoro: From now on Pop N' Star won't be composed by Kokoro alone. I will be working with new members!
Kokoro's Fan: New Members!?
Kokoro: Runa! Momosuke!
Runa: Come on Momosuke, let's go.
Chapter 23-2 (5)
Momosuke: You two, don't call me Momosuke~
Kokoro's Fan: Eh? Girls?
Kokoro's Fan: No no no! If they're Kokoro's teammates that means that....
Runa: Hello everyone! I'm Runa Kagurazaka
Momosuke: I'm Momo Oikawa, not Momosuke! Please call me with "Momo"
Chapter 23-2 (6)
Runa&Momosuke: We are crossdressers!
Kokoro's Fan: As I thought!!!
Kokoro's Fan: Shit! I know they're boys but still....they're so cute!!
Kokoro: Ahaha! From now on we three will aim together to become idols, so everyone follow after us!
Kokoro: Then, since we're in three now, we'll say it again! One, two!
Pop n' Star: Kneel in front of us!
Kokoro's Fan: As you order!!!!
Chapter 23-2 (7)
Kokoro: Then, we will broadcast our new song! As a celebration for our formation---
Kokoro: Happy Birth Day to us!
Chapter 23-2 (8)
Seiya: Incredible...They even had a new song ready!
Kanata: Kokoro-chan is having lots of fun!
Akira: ...So Hanabusa got teammates to rely on too. He looks like he's free from the burden of doing everything alone
Chapter 23-2 (9)
Seiya: Right. Even though Kokoro is younger than me he's been working really hard! Since Kokoro is happy I'm happy too!
Seiya: We mustn't lose to him! I wanna be able to do a lot of other things!
Producer: If you say something like that the president might give you another impossible task, you know?
Seiya: Wah! Producer! You were here?
Produer: I wanted to see Hanabusa-san's new objective from the point of view of a guest. ....Hanabusa-san is shining a lot
Producer: And he's helping Kagurazaka-san's and Oikawa-san's position change without problems. He's really grown up.
Producer: Aido-kun. You know, I think you're the reason Hanabusa-san has changed like this
Seiya: I'm the reason?
Producer: Yes. You've been a good influence for the other I-Chu's. That's not an usual thing, you know?
Chapter 23-2 (10)
Seiya: Ehm, are you praising me?
Producer: I'm praising you a lot! That's why, thank you Aido-kun
Seiya: Hmm, I don't really get it, but if you're happy then okay!
Producer: Ahaha! That's one of your good parts too
Producer: I'll make sure that you guys will get to do a lot more activities like Hanabusa-san's group, so let's work hard from now on!
Seiya: Yes! I'm counting on you, Producer!
Chapter 23-2 (11)
Kokoro: Everyone! Thank you for all the support! I'm counting on you from now on too!

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