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Chapter 23-3 (1)
Kokoro: How was it? Seiya Aido. These are my new great friends!
Seiya: Great! You were shining more than ever today!
Kokoro: Fufu! I finally got you to understand my true power!
Seiya: Yeah! I feel relieved now that you got friends too!
Chapter 23-3 (2)
Kokoro: Wha-!? That's what you were worried about!?
Runa: Good grief...You should just be honest and admit that you're happy about the compliments
Momosuke: But but....When Kokoro-chan is embarrassed it's really cute~
Chapter 23-3 (3)
Runa: Kokoro becomes irritated too easily when it comes to Seiya-san....
Akira: Seiya is pretty straightforward, so sometimes we end up getting embarrassed too
Chapter 23-3 (4)
Kanata: Ehehe. But I've grown a bit used to it!
Momosuke: ........*stares*
Kanata: Fufu! This kid's name is RabiRabi! What's yours?
Momosuke: This kid is Ricky. Since Kokoro-chan gave him to me it's really important to me
Kanata: I see! Ricky is really adorable
Momosuke: Kanata-kun's Rabirabi is really cute too
Kanata: Ehehe~♪
Momosuke: Ufufu~♪
Chapter 23-3 (5)
Akira&Runa: .............
Runa: How to say it, it became a really warm and comfortable atmosphere
Akira: You're right. Both Kanata and Oikawa are types that go by their own pace
Chapter 23-3 (6)
Kokoro: Hey, Runa, Momo! Why are you getting all comfortable while I'm here talking with Seiya!?
Seiya: What, so you guys already became friends! I wanna be friends with those two too!
Chapter 23-3 (7)
Seiya: Since we're in the same generation, I'm counting on you two from now on! Runa! Momo!
Runa: Yes. Pleased to work with you.
Momosuke: Best regards, Seiya-kun
Seiya: Yes! Let's do a congratulatory hug!
Chapter 23-3 (8)
Runa&Momosuke: Wah!
Kokoro: Hey!! Get away from Runa and Momo, stupid Seiya!!
Chapter 23-3 (9)
Seiya: Ah! Sorry! Is it about what I did!
Kokoro: As long as you understand it's fine. But, no matter how much they're crossdressers, being hugged like that is still--
Seiya: I didn't hug you too! Then, let's all do a congratulatory hug together!
Chapter 23-3 (10)
Seiya: *hugs tightly*
Kokoro: ~~~!? As I said it's not about that, idiot!
Seiya: Eh, was I wrong!?
Chapter 23-3 (11)
Kumakocho: You're the same as always~ Seiya-kun, you're really B・O・L・D♪
Seiya: Wah!? ....President? Please don't suddenly appear from behind
Kumakocho: I'm sorry~ I wasn't planning on surprising you, but for some reason everyone gets surprised~
Chapter 23-3 (12)
Kumakocho: But more importantly, Pop N' Star! Great job on the debut live!
Kumakocho: And I'm sorry to say this while you're tired, but there's a job I want you guys to do~
Kokoro: A job for us?
Kumakocho: Yep♪ Then, I'll let Producer-chan announce it
Producer: Yes
Producer: Truth is, the first and second generation will be doing a lot of various activities, like comedy, stage performance, autograph session, photograph shooting, etc.
Producer: And the third generation will have to watch firsthand those activities!
Kumakocho: Something like "Watch your seniors live and learn from them!" That said, you F∞F will immediately learn tomorrow on the autograph session~
Akira: Autograph session...It certainly is neccessary to an idol
Chapter 23-3 (13)
Kanata: I see. Now that you say it I think you're right. I kinda have an autograph, but I've never used it
Seiya: Eh?! Kanata, you have your own autograph?!
Kanata: Yes. It hasn't changed ever since I was an I-Kid~
Akira: I have an autograph from when I was a model too
Chapter 23-3 (14)
Seiya: Th-that's not fair! I have to think of one too!
Producer: Then the timing is perfect. Look at your senior's and learn from them!
Seiya: Yes! I will create my autograph too! By the way, on whose autograph session will we go?
Producer: That is---

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