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Chapter 24-1 (1)
Eva: The next one. Come in front of me...
Eva's Follower A: Y-Yes! Nice to meet you, Eva-sama!
Eva: Fu....Tell me what you wish for. I shall grant your wish....
Eva's Follower A: Today I came here to request your regal autograph!
Chapter 24-1 (2)
Eva: Very well. Then in exchange for that, can you vow to offer your heart for all your life to me?
Eva's Follower A: Of course! This body exists only for Eva-sama!
Eva: It's a contract
Eva: With this our contract is done. Now you are...mine!
Eva's Follower A: Yes! Thank you very much! It's a real honour! This autograph will be my treasure!
Eva's Follower A: It feels like a dream that I was able to get Eva-sama's autograph...! I will keep cheering only for you from now on too!
Eva's Follower A: Then, farewell
Eva's Follower B: Aa~wn so niicee. I want to talk to Eva-sama asap too!
Eva's Follower C: There are so many fans lined up for Bloody Master...Resist for a bit more!
Eva: (Fu. All the sacrifices gathered here are my preys...)
Eva: (Autograph meetings are splending jobs. Like this the sacrifices for me will increase more!)
Chapter 24-1 (3)
Seiya: Bloody Master, give me an autograph!
Eva: Calling my name like that is...I'll especially write the contract with your name just for you!
Eva: Come on, tell me your name!
Seiya: Write Star Night in there♪
Eva: Star Night huh...hey, EEH! UWAH?!
Chapter 24-1 (4)
Seiya: Uwah! He fell from the chair! Are you okay!?
Chapter 24-1 (5)
Eva: Wh-wh-wh-wh....Why are you here?!
Seiya: Hehe! I came to learn from my senior Bloody Master what autograph meetings are!
Seiya: I'm learning so that I'll write my autograph one day too! Best regards!
Eva: Don't give me that "Best regards!" of yours! Get out of my spirit's world right now!!

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