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Chapter 24-2 (1)
Akira: Seiya....Didn't I tell you not to cause troubles while standing in line?
Chapter 24-2 (2)
Kanata: E-Eva-kun! Sorry for causing troubles for you!
Eva: You haven't disciplined him enough so that's why it turned out like this. You two need to keep a more watchful eye on Star Night
Seiya: I'm sorry....I won't cause troubles anymore so please forgive me~
Eva: No, you're bound to cause something else again....You better return to the human world!
Seiya: Eeeeh?! Whyyyyy!
Eva: As I said, you're a hindrance to---
Chapter 24-2 (3)
Mio: Seiya Aido! How dare you make Eva-sama fall clumsily from the chair like that!
Eva: Uu...c-clumsily....!
Ban: Eva-sama's chair is custom-made so that he can look taller! It's dangerous to fall from it!
Eva: That's supposed to be a secret!!!
Chapter 24-2 (4)
Seiya: Ehm...Somehow, I'm sorry, Bloody Master
Eva: It's fine now...More importantly, who was the one that told you to come here?
Producer: I'm sorry Eva-kun. The president told us to come here.
Eva: I see. So it was Tempester's doing....
Eva: very well. Now that I understood that Star Night is not the one at fault I will let you observe me
Producer: Thank you Eva-kun! Then, Aido-kun, Minato-kun, Mitsurugi-kun. Each of you should go to watch one of the members
Chapter 24-2 (5)
Look at Aido-kun and Eva-kun
Look at Minato-kun and Yamanobe-kun
Look at Mitsurugi-kun and Jumonji-kun

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