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Chapter 24-3 (1)
Seiya: Thanks for teaching me lots of things today!
Eva: I didn't teach you.... It was all from you watching us. What's important is how will you use this experience in the future
Chapter 24-3 (2)
Kanata: Yep! I'll be able to do it while communicating with the guests like you do too!
Eva: Crimson Angel....You really should become one of---
Chapter 24-3 (3)
Mio: E-Eva-sama! Let's give them autographs from us as present with the remaining cardboards!
Ban: Nice idea! I'll write it by puttin' my feeling into it!
Mio: HUH? Please don't take advantage as it pleases you, okay? It's better if the autograph is only of me and Eva-sama...
Chapter 24-3 (4)
Ban: EEH?! Don't leave your teammate out! Let me write together with you Mio~!
Eva: *sigh*....Mio, let Ban write together too. We are teammates after all
Mio: Yeees♪ If Eva-sama says so then it can't be helped
Mio: Be grateful to Eva-sama, Ban...
Ban: I'm glad! Thank you Eva-sama!
Mio: Tsk...!
Ban: Don't make that sour face, you're bein' harsh~!
Eva: The fun ends here...Anyways, I will be satisfied too if you make use of what you learned today in the future
Chapter 24-3 (5)
Akira: When I will be doing stuff like this, I'll make sure to treat each one of the fans as very important
Seiya: After seeing Bloody Master's autograph, I want to be able to write such autographs too!
Kanata: Ahaha! That said, it wouldn't be strange if we got an autograph meeting too!
Producer: Eva-kun, thank you for teaching them a lot of things in the middle of the work
Chapter 24-3 (6)
Eva: ....I can't go against what Tempester says. That's why, Messiah, you don't need to worry
Producer: Ahaha, that's so like you
Eva: Fu...Who do you take me for? I am the powerful Bloody Master of the spirit world! HAHAHAHAHA!
Chapter 24-3 (7)
Mio: Master, you're wonderful!
Ban: If Master's happy I'm happy too!
Eva: You two are excellent servants. Then, let's do an excellent performance on tomorrow's live too
Chapter 24-3 (8)
Seiya: EEH!? You're doing a live tomorrow? I wanna see it!
Eva: Wha-!? It's fine even if you don't come!
Chapter 24-3 (9)
Mio: Right, right! I can't watch Master's performance from the guest's seat either!
Ban: But, you will stand on the same stage so it's obvious that you can't see it~
Mio: Shut up, you big eater!
Ban: Uuu....That's harsh~
Chapter 24-3 (10)
Akira: There there you two. You have a live tomorrow, so if you don't get along the teamwork will suffer from it, you know?
Mio&Ban: Uu...
Chapter 24-3 (11)
Eva: Dark Sword...I apologize. My servants showed something shameful...
Akira: Haha....I'll forgive you if you stop calling me like that
Chapter 24-3 (12)
Seiya: So in the end we shouldn't come to your live?
Eva: Uuuu...Please don't look at me with those eyes like a stray puppy...
Producer: Eva-kun. Isn't it fine for them to come and see the live? If it's about the authorization then it will surely be fine
Akira: That's right. And I'll keep a better eye on Seiya next time
Chapter 24-3 (13)
Kanata: Yes! I'll keep an eye too so that Seiya won't do anything!
Eva: But...Still---
Seiya: No no no no! I wanna see Bloody Master's wonderful performance!
Seiya: Please Bloody Master! Show me your cool image!
Eva: "Wonderful"..."cool"......Fufufu...Very Well. You can come and become intoxicated in our stage
Eva: You can listen to our new song in astonished fear! HAHAHAHAHA!
Chapter 24-3 (14)
Seiya: I did it! Thanks, Bloody Master!
Kanata: I'm glad for you, Seiya!
Akira: (Eva-kun is simple, isn't he)
Chapter 24-3 (15)

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