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Chapter 25-1 (1)
Seiya: Awesome!! Did Bloody Master put up this stage?
Kanata: Yep, it's really incredible! It's as if the worldview that Eva-kun has condensed is in this stage!
Akira: I've heard that RE:BERSERK also went to an opera and performed a stage play...
Producer: When I still wasn't their producer Eva-kun was the one that did all the work
Akira: That's really amazing....As expected of the oldest one, he really is talented....
Chapter 25-1 (2)
Eva: Dark Sword. Please don't mention my age too much. I may be 427 years old, but I still can't lose to you all, you know?
Akira: Hey Kanata, there's a pumpkin mask there...
Kanata: Ah, you're right!
Eva: HEY! Don't ignore me!
Chapter 25-1 (3)
Mio: How dare he ignore master....I'll cast a curse on him!
Ban: Wah! Mio calm down!
Chapter 25-1 (4)
Seiya: Do you hate being called Dark Sword that much? It's a cool name though....
Akira: *sigh*....Lately I've been given a lot of nicknames so I came to hate it....
Akira: I'm sorry for ignoring you, Eva-kun. Thank you for calling us to your live today
Chapter 25-1 (5)
Eva: Hm. It's fine as long as you understand. Because tonight I want everyone to have fun, both friends and foes
Seiya: Yes! I plan on having lots of fun! Anyways, this stage is really cool isn't it!
Eva: So is it...I used all my power to make this stage matching for tonight's requiem
Eva: Messiah, I have to thank you. Thanks to you a throne suitable to me is complete!
Producer: I just supervised the preparations and the schedule with the contractor. The original design plan was done by you after all.
Seiya: Heeeh! Bloody Master, you're really incredible!
Eva: Such thing is a simple task for me. It's easy for me to give form to my imagination...
Seiya: ....Say. Bloody Master, why are you so persistent about all this?
Chapter 25-1 (6)
Seiya: We just became I-Chu's, so we can't do all these incredible things yet
Seiya: But, won't you give us some consulence, if it's fine with you?
Eva: I see. You're full of curiosity aren't you, Star Night
Eva: Very well. It may become a bit long but I will answer your questions. The story will be a bit long so you better pay attention!
Eva: The reason I'm like this is because I have my own roots
Seiya: Your own roots?
Chapter 25-1 (7)
Kanata: Your own origin...So you're talking about there being a reason in you being born?
Eva: Fufu. As expected of Crimson Angel. I don't hate smart humans.
Eva: I was, as it is called in the human abandoned child
Seiya: EH?! An abandoned child...?
Producer: This is the first time I've heard of this too....Eva-kun, you're not forced to talk about it if you don't want, you know?
Eva: Fufu. You're really kind Messiah.... But, you don't need to worry. I was thinking about talking about this with someone for a long time.

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