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Chapter 25-2 (1)
Eva: It's not impossible to be surprised by this I guess...It may look like an important story but, I'm glad with how I'm living my life right now.
Eva: Thanks to it I got to meet two great servants
Chapter 25-2 (2)
Mio: Ehehe♪
Ban: Of course!
Chapter 25-2 (3)
Eva: The principal of a childcare center found me abandoned in front of the institution
Eva: Thinking that I had foreign blood in me, because of my looks, the director gave me a name
Eva: The "Eva Armstrong" name that I use in the human world
Eva: Since I was different from the other kids at that time, I started to notice that there was something special about me....
Eva: And finally, when I was 14 years old, I realized it. I am actually a devil king reborn in the human world!
Chapter 25-2 (4)
F∞F: .................
Producer: (Ah....Even Aido-kun is looking at him with pitiful eyes...)
Eva: And then, when I was returning to the childcare center from middle school as always, I found a kid covered in white cloth inside a basket in front of the building
Chapter 25-2 (5)
Mio: Ah, he's talking about me!
Akira: Mio-kun, were you perhaps an abandoned child too?
Mio: Seems so. Since I was just a baby I don't know the circumstances
Chapter 25-2 (6)
Eva: In that moment I realized it. It was destiny that this baby would appear in front of me.
Eva: I gave the baby the name "Mio Yamanobe", since he shared the same fate as me. And that's why I decided to take care of him by myself
Eva: Taking care of a baby was really hard, but since I grew attached to Mio even taking care of a child became enjoyabe bit by bits
Mio: Yep! I love Eva-sama a lot after all♪
Eva: And after that, when I was close to graduating from high school I decided to search for a job for the sake of the institution
Eva: But, at that time I met with Ban...
Chapter 25-2 (7)
Ban: Right! I've known Eva-sama for a long time too!
Mio: Kukuku. But it's nothing compared to the time me and Eva-sama have~
Ban: Oof! Sayin' it is unfair!
Chapter 25-2 (8)
Eva: Fufu. They've been like that ever since the start....
Seiya: And why are you here when you were searching for a job?
Eva: Don't be in a hurry... Truth is, Ban's father had given a large amount of money as donation for the institution, helping with the management.
Eva: Knowing that I was searching for a job, Ban's father offered me to become Ban's tutor
Eva: And I realized it. That Ban too, was destined to meet with me so that I could teach him...
Chapter 25-2 (9)
Ban: Hehe! And that's how Eva-sama and Mio started spendin' time in my house!
Kanata: Mio-kun too?
Mio: Of course! The house is freezing cold without Eva-sama....
Eva: And like that, I started raising Mio and Ban to become my servants!
Chapter 25-2 (10)
Akira: Ehm...I thought it was a heavy talk but, is it okay to think that you're not bothered by it that much?
Eva: Dark Sword...Not knowing my roots is more painful than you think
Akira: !
Chapter 25-2 (11)
Eva: But, I was a smart kid at that time. I thought it was fine to build by own roots if I didn't know my original ones.
Eva: There aren't only enjoyable things in this world. It's also brimming with sad and unfortunate things too.
Eva: And so, if you have the time to look down, then it's better to look forward
Eva: That's why I created my own world. I'm free to imagine my roots as I want
Eva: Create your own place of belonging, protect what you want to protect with your own hands.
Eva: These are the roots that brought me until here. And that's why I think so much of the performances
Chapter 25-2 (12)
Seiya: I see.... You're really cool after all!
Seiya: I'm really happy to have a senior like you!
Eva: Fu. The story ended up being a bit long...
Eva: Soon the sacrificial maidens will bow down in front of the throne
Eva: I will let you taste it too...The pleasant and delicious stimulus that will make you feel intoxicated

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