Chapter 25-3 (1)
Eva: Well then, I have to go to the waiting room now. ...You should wait in front of the throne for my appearance.
Chapter 25-3 (2)
Seiya: I learned a lot about Eva's group today!
Akira: You're right. When I first met him, I thought that he was a strange person, but he actually thinks like his age, too...
Chapter 25-3 (3)
Mio: Isn't it obvious?! Master is the kindest and coolest person, after all!
Kanata: Eh? Is it fine for you to be here?
Mio: I have something to tell you all...okay?
Mio: Master has never talked about his roots with anyone else.
Mio: For him to go out of his way to tell that to you must mean that you're worthy in his eyes.
Mio: That's why you should watch Master's live and learn a lot from it.
Mio: But....if you betray Master's expectations, I'll cast a curse on you so be prepared!
Chapter 25-3 (4)
Ban: ....You're goin' too far, Mio. They won't do anythin' bad to Master.
Mio: Shut up! I know that! But....I hate it...
Mio: Master trusted someone else besides feels like he's going to drift away from me...
Mio: You feel the same as me, right? Aren't you afraid?
Ban: ....Nah, I'm not. That's 'cause, I believe both you and Master!
Mio: ....What's up with that? You're saying some cheeky stuff, so I'll cast a curse on you!
Chapter 25-3 (5)
Ban: Hahaha! Your jokes are too harsh, Mio~!
Seiya: ..............
Seiya: You two really love Eva, don't you!
Seiya: Seeing your guys' live, that you've had bonds with each other since the's probably for our sake, too!
Seiya: That's why, give it your best! 'Cause I'm looking forward to your live from the bottom of my heart!
Ban&Mio: ................
Ban: Ahaha! Seiya's really interesting, ain't he! I'll give it my best today, so I wish you won't take your eyes off us!
Mio: If you look away just for a moment I'll cast a curse on you, so pay proper attention, okay?
Seiya: Okay!
Chapter 25-3 (6)
Eva's Follower: Kyaaa!! Eva-sama~!!
Eva: HAHAHAHAHA! Tonight, a lot of you gathered in front of my throne. I thank you...
Eva: I will invite you to the den where the monsters live...
Eva: And then you shall choose, between the sweet addictive blood....or, my mischiefs...
Chapter 25-3 (7)
Eva: Trick or Treat!
Chapter 25-3 (8)
Seiya: Eva's live was really fun!
Seiya: It had a great intensity! Hey, Producer! I want to try dancing in those costumes, too!
Kanata: Seiya in Eva-kun's costume, huh... Fufu, it might suit you more than expected!
Seiya: Hehe! It would suit you two as well!
Akira: M-Me? I don't think it would suit me....
Kanata: It would surely suit you! You were a model after all, so you would look good in anything!
Akira: that so?
Chapter 25-3 (9)
Satsuki: Eeeeh! Mitsurugi-kun, you're gonna wear Eva-sama's costume? That's super interesting!
Mutsuki:'s more interesting than I can imagine.
Chapter 25-3 (10)
Seiya: Eh? So you two came, too?
Satsuki: Yes, yes! Eva-sama asked us to come here!
Mutsuki: Also, because we heard that Producer had something to tell us~...
Producer: Satsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun, thank you for coming here!
Satsuki: It's nothing much~. We had business here, too, so it's fine, it's fine
Mutsuki: Fufufu....
Producer: ? Well, fine. Truth is, you two will do a job with the second generation tomorrow.
Satsuki: Second gen? With Eva-sama perhaps?
Producer: No, you're wrong. But, the President told me to keep it a secret until tomorrow so that you two would be looking forward to it.....
Mutsuki: Hmmmphh...Well, it's fine I guess~.
Satsuki: But more importantly, now- what we were looking forward to is gonna happen, right, Mutsuki?
Seiya: "Now?"
Mutsuki: Yep, yep! Everyone, listen carefully~...
Satsuki: There, you're about to hear it, a high pitched...shriek!
Chapter 25-3 (11)
Eva: GYAAAA!!!
Producer: Eva-kun's shriek?!
Chapter 25-3 (12)
Eva: There' my obento...
Chapter 25-3 (13)
Eva: ....*flop*
Mio: Waaah! Master! Hang in there!
Ban: Guh! Who the hell did it...goin' out of their way to put it inside the rice!
Ban: Eva-sama hates natto so much to the point he collapsed!
Chapter 25-3 (14)
Eva: Guuuuu....
Producer: Satsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun! Did you two play a prank on Eva-kun?!
Chapter 25-3 (15)
Satsuki: Hehe~♪ Mutsuki, let's run!
Mutsuki: Okay, okay~♪
Producer: Wait right there you two!
Chapter 25-3 (16)
Kanata: Will Eva-kun be fine?
Akira: I think it's too late now...but now I'm worried about the second generation getting pranked by those two tomorrow.
Seiya: Besides Eva's group there's Lancelot and POP' N STAR...
Seiya: I wonder what job they will be doing!

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