Chapter 26-1 (1)
Satsuki: Gooood morning!
Mutsuki: Good ni~ght...
Producer: Mutsuki-kun! I told you not to fall asleep!
Chapter 26-1 (2)
Lancelot: ................
Issei: .....Why are those twins here?
Producer: Well, to watch your work and learn from it, you know?
Issei: I won't deal with this! I refuse to babysit red and blue meshes!
Chapter 26-1 (3)
Satsuki: I'm not "red meshes", I'm Satsuki!
Mutsuki: And I'm Mutsuki~!
Chapter 26-1 (4)
Futami: Oh, as expected of twins. They're in perfect sync!
Takamichi: No...that's not something to be praised.
Issei: Shut up...I'll get distracted like this, so hurry up and go away.
Chapter 26-1 (5)
Satsuki: My, my~. If you get distracted just by us watching, doesn't that mean that you're still not used to work~?
Issei: HUH?! Try saying that again, Red Meshes!!
Satsuki: As I said, I'm not "Red Meshes!" I'm Satsuki Kururugi!
Producer: Calm down, you two. You're senior and junior after all, so try being more friendly with each other, ok?
Issei: Tch... Don't make it so simple.
Futami: Mutsuki-kun, let's eat some sweets together~. The cookies that Takamichi brought are super tasty~
Chapter 26-1 (6)
Mutsuki: Okay, I'll eat~...
Mutsuki: *nom, nom*....Yep, they're really delicious♪
Takamichi: Of course! That's cause they're year-end gifts from the Sanzenin family! It's only natural they would be delicious!
Mutsuki: Come on Satsuki, take some too~
Satsuki: Oh, thank you!
Satsuki: *nom, nom*....They're so tasty!
Futami: I know, right~!
Takamichi: Fufu! Of course! That's cause they're year-end-
Futami: Enough with that now~.
Producer: ............
Chapter 26-1 (7)
Issei: What's up, you look as if you want to say something....
Producer: ....Everyone is friends with each other except you~.
Twins: Riiight~.
Issei: Tsk! Do as you want! I'll stay in the waiting room until the preparations are done!
Chapter 26-1 (8)
Futami: Oho...Issei started to sulk.
Takamichi: No, that's not something good nor cute...what if it affects him at work?
Chapter 26-1 (9)
Satsuki: You know, when Issei-kun first met with us (the third gen), he said that our ability was low.
Satsuki: And he also hated Seiya's typical hug. Is he perhaps pretty shy?
Futami: Bingo~.
Takamichi: Issei has been like that since the past.
Futami: Look who's talking.
Takamichi: I'm way less shy compared to Issei, right?
Futami: You're right. If one praises you, you get attached~.
Chapter 26-1 (10)
Takamichi: Oi! Don't talk about people so simply!
Satsuki: Hmmm. I may have finally understood Lancelot's relationship♪
Producer: Satsuki-kun. You shouldn't do pranks today.
Chapter 26-1 (11)
Satsuki: I know, I know! And I have something that I wanna study today, so I'll be quiet and learn!
Producer: Something you want to study?
Staff of the Photoshoot: Lancelot! Please be ready!
Producer: Ah! I have to call Todoroki-kun!

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