Chapter 26-2 (1)
*door opens*
Producer: Todoroki-kun, are you there?
Chapter 26-2 (2)
Issei: Of course I am. Is it time to go?
Producer: Yes. The preparations are finished, so we're counting on you for the stand-by.
Issei: Okay. ...Anyways, why did you keep silent about those twins?
Producer: If I told you, you would have immediately opposed it, right?
Issei: Of course!
Producer: At any rate, the third gen came because it was an order from the president.
Issei: Even if it's like that, I want to concentrate at work, so I hate it!
Producer: I understand that you want to concentrate at work, but those kids came here with something in mind, you know?
Chapter 26-2 (3)
Issei: Like what?
Producer: ...Truth is-
Chapter 26-2 (4)
Cameraman: Issei-kun, sit somewhere where you like. Good, good, now cross your legs... Yes, excellent!
Chapter 26-2 (5)
Cameraman: Then, Futami-kun and Takamichi-kun, go closer to Issei-kun....and look as if you're trying to provoke the viewer... Yes, now look here!
Chapter 26-2 (6)
Satsuki: expected...
Mutsuki: ....Yes. They look really cool...
Producer: (Mutsuki-kun isn't sleeping, but paying attention to the job. That's unusual...)
Producer: (That means he must have gotten serious...)
Producer: Satsuki-kun, is it becoming useful?
Satsuki: Yes, it's perfect! Anyway, Lancelot is really an adult-like unit, isn't it?
Mutsuki: Yep, yep. They're the most adult-like I-Chus~.
Producer: And that's exactly why coming here to Lancelot's photoshoot was worth it.
Satsuki: Yes...and it's of vital importance for our next song to bring it out.
Satsuki: Yep...the sexiness!
Chapter 26-2 (7)
Issei: (What's up with that "bring out the sexiness." Are they trying to improve it by looking at our work?)
Futami: Hmm. It's unusual for you to think of unnecessary stuff in the middle of work~.
Issei: ! I wasn't thinking anything!
Futami: You're lying! It was clear as day~.
Chapter 26-2 (8)
Issei: Futami, I'm gonna shut that mouth of yours!
Takamichi: Uwoah! Issei, don't grab Futami's collar!
Cameraman: Oh! As expected of the Violent I-Chu! Stay a bit like that while holding the collar!
Futami: Issei~ Let go of it~...
Issei: *sigh* Talking with you makes me lose the will to fight....
Chapter 26-2 (9)
Futami: Haste makes waste-
Takamichi: You're too reckless to say that.
Futami&Issei: And you're good-for-nothing.
Chapter 26-2 (10)
Takamichi: Hey, why are you in sync only in these moments?!
Cameraman: Ahahaha! The sexy concept sells well, but these natural expressions are great, too!
Takamichi: Tsk! I'll see the photo later! I'm sure I didn't look cool at all right now...
Chapter 26-2 (11)
Satsuki: *sigh* I wanted to study more about the sexiness but they returned to their usual selves!
Mutsuki: Fufu. But I like Lancelot when they're being like that a lot.
Producer: Ahaha! You're right. I love it when they're being like that, too.

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