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Chapter 26-3 (1)
Satsuki: ...Say, Producer. Will there come a day when we will be able to do a cool photoshoot like that?
Producer: Maybe...Maybe in a not so faraway future you might get better than Lancelot...
Producer: And you might develop a charm in a different direction
Chapter 26-3 (2)
Satsuki: Those "maybe" and "might" are not okay at all!
Producer: What's wrong Satsuki-kun? You somehow look like you're in a hurry. Are you that impatient?
Satsuki: That's, of course I am...
Satsuki: I know that the fact that we're twins and perfectly in synch is unique and all, but we can't keep up with only being cute, right?
Satsuki: Lately, I got really surprised when I saw the different abilities of the second and first generation....And also---
Satsuki: .............
Producer: Satsuki-kun?
Mutsuki: You know, Satsuki is feeling impatient since he saw that F∞F has been growing really well
Satsuki: Wai-!? Mu-Mutsuki! Why are you talking so feely about it?
Mutsuki: Isn't it fine to talk about it with the producer? I'm sure she would be of help to us
Producer: That's right, Satsuki-kun! You have to rely on me on moments like this
Chapter 26-3 (3)
Satsuki: ~~~!But it feels kinda uncool to rely on you only on moments like this!
Producer: Asking for help isn't uncool at all
Mutsuki: Ufufu~♪ Getting embarrassed like this is one of Satsuki's good sides~
Satsuki: Mutsuki~ Don't say anything more!
Chapter 26-3 (4)
Issei: .....So that's how it is. That's the reason why you suddenly became interested in our work, huh
Satsuki: Wah!?
Producer: Eh? Are you already done?
Issei: The work doesn't finish that fast. They're preparing the next set so I was taking a break for a moment
Chapter 26-3 (5)
Futami: At any rate, Satsuki-kun is so honest an pure isn't he~ Makes this old man smile at it
Takamichi: You're an idol so don't call yourself "old man" like that!
Futami: Fi~ne
Satsuki: W-what! Did you hear what I said just now?!
Issei: If you don't want the others to listen then speak more quietly!
Takamichi: But you know, I understand Satsuki's feeling really well...
Takamichi: You can't help feeling impatient. But by being impatient you lose your attention and make only errors
Takamichi: You need effort to understand your real abilities
Chapter 26-3 (6)
Futami&Issei: ...........
Twins: ............
Chapter 26-3 (7)
Takamichi: H-hey, why is everyone being silent? Producer, say something!
Producer: A-are you okay Sanzenin-kun? You said a really cool thing so, do you have a fever...
Chapter 26-3 (8)
Takamichi: W-What do you mean with that! Isn't it fine for me to say cool things too!
Futami: Haaa~ For a moment I thought that you were a false Takamichi, but this old man is glad you returned back to your usual self~
Takamichi: Y-you've got quite the nerve to treat me, the first-born son of the Sanzenin family, like a false!
Chapter 26-3 (9)
Futami&Issei: Ah, he returned to his usual self
Takamichi: You two~!!!!
Mutsuki: Ahaha!
Satsuki: Pff! Ahahaha! Takamichi-kun get's too overworked!
Chapter 26-3 (10)
Takamichi: WHA-!? Being made fun of by someone younger too in unforgivable! Hey, you twins! And Satsuki in particular!
Twins: ?
Takamichi: I'm gonna show you our true abilities and you won't laugh anymore!
Takamichi: I don't care if you start cying later! Oi, Producer, it's time!
Producer: (Ah...I have a bad feeling about this)

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