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Chapter 27-2 (1)
Satsuki: Eh? Did the shooting start?!
Cameraman: Just relax and move like that~
Chapter 27-2 (2)
Satsuki: Even if you say that it's too sudden!?
Issei: Idiot. Once the lens is on you you can't escape anymore
Issei: Stop complaining and move by your instincts
Satsuki: By my instincts....?
Issei: Yes. For example, you can make use of the traits of your costume
Issei: In you case it should be like this... Try making a pose while sliding your jacket from your shoulders
Issei: You usually don't wear your jacket like that right?
Chapter 27-2 (3)
Satsuki: Now that you remind me, I didn't...How about this?
Issei: Ask the cameraman if it's good or not. In my case I take off my coat and hang it on one shoulder
Cameraman: As expected of Todoroki-kun! That pose looks really wild!
Cameraman: And Satsuki-kun posing differently from usual like that strikes a lot!
Cameraman: Let's take a photo together with Mutsuki-kun while standing like that!
Chapter 27-2 (4)
Mutsuki: If it's together with Satsuki then I will take it~
Satsuki: (Somewhat, it feels like we're doing a different shooting from usual...)
Satsuki: (To think that it would feel like this just by Issei-kun's advice...)
Satsuki: (Seiya said it too but, Issei-kun is really incredible!)
Chapter 27-2 (5)
Futami: Issei's great at taking care of others as always~
Takamichi: Usually he looks scary when doing it. But he's great at teaching
Futami: Fufu~ Then this old man will give some advice on sexyness too~
Chapter 27-2 (6)
Futami: Satsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun. You have your glasses as a weapon, so how about taking them off for once?
Satsuki: Taking them off? Just that is okay?
Futami: Right right. Both men and women are creatures whose hearts will skip a beat if they see something really different from what they're used to!
Futami: My heart would skip a beat too if Nama-chan suddenly wore glasses!
Mutsuki: H~m. I didn't really understand it but, if the producer wore something different from usual my heart might skip a beat...
Satsuki: A producer different from usual? Like wearing a skirt instead of the usual suit pants?
Futami: Agreed! Hey, Producer-cha----
Producer: No
Futami: That was fast?!
Issei&Takamichi: ...............
Chapter 27-2 (7)
Futami: ....You both became quite taciturn
Takamichi: H-HUH?! I'm not taciturn!
Issei: Futami...I'm gonna make you remember this...
Futami: Eh, eeeeh?! This is bad...I think I stepped on a landmine here
Futami: If it's like this then the only way for me to apologize is to make her wear a skirt lat---
Producer: Rejected
Futami: Why do you answer so fast!
Chapter 27-2 (8)
Satsuki: Anyway, if we think of a lot of ideas then we might give a lot more different images....
Cameraman: Since you're twins, won't it be really difficult to recognize you without glasses?
Satsuki: Ehehe! In the past even our hairstyles were almost the same!
Mutsuki: Yep! Now I have curly hair because I had a perm~
Cameraman: I see! Then I guess I will have you two have a more matching hairstyle to give in a more synchro feeling
Satsuki: Ah, that looks interesting!
Producer: (They're both doing really well in the photographing. And Lancelot went away from the set and are just looking now.)
Producer: (You three, thank you! It would be great if this helped Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun shine even more as idols)
Producer: (And also....we might use this photoshoot for the next live!)

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