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Chapter 28-1 (1)
Host: Good evening, everyone~ Today we're starting our talk show again!
Host: This TV program is a corner to hear everything about how the idols spend their everyday!
Host: This month we have called our much known Tenjyou Tenge~
Chapter 28-1 (2)
Aoi: Fufu. As expected, we got used to it after coming here for 4 times
Tatsumi: I really have fun thinking of what to say here every time!
Chapter 28-1 (3)
Toya: I am actually troubled. Will I manage to give everyone an enjoyable talk...
Tsubaki: Don't worry! When it comes to jokes about Toya then I have lots of them
Chapter 28-1 (4)
Toya: Eeh?! Why do you have jokes about me~
Host: Ahaha! They're good friends with each-other as always. Everyone looking at us from home! Today, we might get to hear something different from usual, you know?
Host: You might be asking what. That's because today's other guests are connected to Tenjyou Tenge~
Host: Well then, let's call them! Today's talk show guests are---
Host: The I♥B group!
Chapter 28-1 (5)
Noah: Hello, we are I♥B, Tenjyou Tenge's juniors. We're counting on everyone today!
Producer: (.....It finally started. This is the first appearance on TV for I♥B!)
Producer: (This is a chance to make I♥B known to everyone, so we have to make it a success!)
Chapter 28-1 (6)
Leon: Aaaah...I was a bit nervous, but it was really fun!!
Lucas: Decide which one of the two...
Rabi: Wouldn't it be better if you relaxed a bit, Lucas? And Chaoyang too--
Chapter 28-1 (7)
Chaoyang: Hawawawawawa......
Rabi: Cha-Chaoyang?! C-calm down a bit!
Chapter 28-1 (8)
Noah: Cooome on Chaoyang. Even if you shiver like that nothing will change, you know?
Chaoyang: !? No-Noah-san... You're right...There's nowhere I can run away or hide...
Chaoyang: I-I...I will work hard so that I won't be a bother for you and Rabi-san....!
Noah: You're a real idiot Chaoyang. You should think of the fans first, and then think about causing troubles for us or not, you know?
Chaoyang: !? Y-Yes!...sir
Lucas: Noah. Shouldn't we go greet everyone in Tenjyou Tenge now?
Chapter 28-1 (9)
Noah: Yeah, we should. The producer taught us that those are indispensable manners in the world of show business in Japan
Leon: Tck! The producer spends way more time with Tenjyou Tenge than with us
Rabi: You know that it can't be helped, right? The producer probably has a lot of things to do, so we have to hang in there by ourselves
Noah: It's exactly as Rabi said. Come on, let's go greet Tenjyou Tenge
knock knock
Producer: Yes, you may enter
Noah: Hi there, Producer. Are Tsubaki and the others here?
Producer: Perfect timing Noah-kun. The meeting with the scriptwriter is about to end now
Chapter 28-1 (10)
Tsubaki: Hm? Did I♥B arrive?
Noah: Tsubaki. We're counting on you for today
Chapter 28-1 (11)
Tsubaki:'re too stiff
Noah: Eh?
Tsubaki: Your face is too stiff y'know? Will you be fine in the program like this?

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