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Chapter 28-3 (1)
Host: So, Noah-kun is from America, Chaoyang-kun is from China, and Lucas-kun is from France, right?
Noah: Yes!
Chapter 28-3 (2)
Toya: Fufu. Truth is, I once happened to be treated by Chaoyang-kun to some Chinese tea. Right, Chaoyang-kun
Chaoyang: Y-Yes... Toya-san once made some tea for me, so I promised to treat him too as a thank you...
Chapter 28-3 (3)
Tatsumi: Heee. So nice. I happen to go visit temples with Chaoyang too sometimes!
Chaoyang: Yes.... I love to visit temples, and since Seiya-san loves them too...the three of us often go together to see them.
Aoi: Heh. A group consisting of Seiya, Chaoyang and Tatsumi. How unexpected
Tatsumi: Isn't it? Ah! But sometimes I go shopping with Leon too!
Chapter 28-3 (4)
Leon: Yes yes! And we often exchange information about used-clothes shops!
Aoi: Tatsumi, you seem to interact with the third generation a lot, don't you? Maybe it's because your mental ages are the same?
Tatsumi: The hell did you say! You don't interact with the third generation at all!
Aoi: I do interact with them. For example, me and Lucas usually suggest books to read to each-other, you know?
Tatsumi: EH?! Is that true? Lucas? Noah?
Chapter 28-3 (5)
Lucas: Yes. I always make good use of the information Aoi gives to me
Leon: What kind of books do you read, Lucas?
Lucas: Mainly books about music. I like researching the history of old composers and find more about the roots of music
Aoi: Fufu, but lately he hasn't been researching only about that, you know?
Chapter 28-3 (6)
Lucas: !?
Tsubaki: Oh! What is this what is this? It's unusual for Lucas to look this flustered, right? So it's definitely something you don't want us to hear?
Lucas: Aoi!
Chapter 28-3 (7)
Noah: I'm interested in this too. Don't mind Lucas too much and please keep talking, Aoi.
Host: Heh. Everyone became interested! Well, since we got the permission from the leader of I♥B then let's say it!
Aoi: Fufu. Lately Lucas has been reading cooking books
Chapter 28-3 (8)
Everyone in I♥B besides Lucas: Eh...........
Chapter 28-3 (9)
Toya: E-ehm? Why does it look like everyone in I♥B is gazing in the distance?
Tsubaki: This, must've been something we shouldn't have heard...
Chapter 28-3 (10)
Rabi: Lu-Lucas? Don't tell me...Do you want to try cooking?
Lucas: ...And what if I did?
Noah: Lucas...Didn't I tell you before? You're prohibited from entering the kitchen....
Lucas: !? I-I know that, but I'm learning a lot about cooking at this moment! So everything will be fine!
Leon: What ever will be fine?!
Chaoyang: *shaking*
Chapter 28-3 (11)
Tatsumi: Woah...Everyone in I♥B is making so much effort to stop him, just what kind of cooking does Lucas do?
Host: Ah! To tell the truth, today we got a photo, sent to us by the company, of Lucas-kun cooking!
Host: Then, let's show it on the monitor! Everyone, please pay attention!
Chapter 28-3 (12)
Noah: !? N-No, don't look!!
Host: And here we go!!
Chapter 28-3 (13)
Tsubaki&Toya: !?
Tatsumi&Aoi: ~~~ EWW?!
Chapter 28-3 (14)
(Please wait for a moment....)
Chapter 28-3 (15)
Host: Well then! The broadcasting---*cough* had a little accident that we managed to get over!
Host: We will now start the "Showdown of synchrony between Tenjyou Tenge and I♥B"!
Producer: (For a moment I got really worried about what would happen...That photo was definitely taken by the president. How selfish of him)
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: I think I just saw something that shouldn't have existed in this world....
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: He was able to create such thing. Just who is this Lucas-kun? I'm really interested in him now...!
Producer: (..Incredible. Did the president take that photo knowing that it would lead to this....!)

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